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40 Years of United States Earthquakes.

July 5, 2014 – 40 Years of United States Earthquakes and a Prediction for the Future: The U.S. has experienced 21 major earthquakes, greater than 6.9 Magnitude, over the last 40 years. The State of Alaska topped the list with … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day – Camels in the Desert.

June 11, 2014 – Year in Pictures: Camels walked in the dunes of Xiangshawan Desert, also called the Sounding Sand Desert, in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on July 20. The area is a popular tourist attraction. (Credits – The … Continue reading

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Life Expectancy Around the World!

May 25, 2014 – Life Expectancy Around the World:  The World Map, above, is color coded by life expectancy. The color scale is in the lower left. Dark red is greater than 76 years, red is 70.3 to 76 yrs, … Continue reading

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Disaster Projection for 2014 from the Chaos Blog.

April 26, 2014 – Disaster Projection by Month for the Rest of 2014: The major aspects between the slow moving planets, Mars and selected Uranian Planets are shown above by month. The aspects are shown in the column titled “Asp.” … Continue reading

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Vancouver Canada Region Struck by 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake.

April 24, 2014 – Vancouver Region Struck by 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake: After four days and three hours, from the last quake great than 6.0; we see a fairly substantial 6.6 hit the Vancouver Canada region. People from as far away as … Continue reading

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Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock!

April 22, 2014 – Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock! Sunday (April 20) the “gun” was loaded with Jupiter square Uranus and Jupiter opposite Pluto; and Uranus square Pluto yesterday. Today the gun will be cocked with Mars square Jupiter. … Continue reading

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Let the Games Begin!

April 21, 2014 – Let the Games Begin: The four days of terror have started. From April 20 to 24 will see a 9.8 magnitude earthquake near Paupa New Guinea (PNG) or a release of near the Cascadia Fault Zone … Continue reading

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World Havoc Starts Tomorrow!

April 20, 2014 – World Havoc Starts Tomorrow! The “four days that change the world” starts Sunday April 20th. I have been waiting for this day for many years. I hope you have at least stocked up on batteries, flashlights, … Continue reading

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22 Earthquakes in 19 Days and the Worst is Yet to Come.

April 19, 2014 – 22 Earthquakes in 19 Days and the Worst is Yet to Come: The USGS generated chart above reflects 22 quakes in the first nineteen days of April, 2014. And these were not small baby shakes, e.g., … Continue reading

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Eastern United States Earthquake History and Hazards Map.

March 15, 2014 – Eastern United States Earthquake History and Hazards Map: A new map detailing all known geologic faults east of Denver was issued  by the U.S. government and a nonprofit electric research group, opening the way for nuclear … Continue reading

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