Let the Games Begin!

April 21, 2014 Let the Games Begin: The four days of terror have started. From April 20 to 24 will see a 9.8 magnitude earthquake near Paupa New Guinea (PNG) or a release of near the Cascadia Fault Zone of the U.S. Pacific Northwest from 8.9 to 9.4 magnitude.

The Island of New Guinea is the second largest in the world, after Greenland; and is divided into the Indonesian West and the PNG East. The series of large quakes that have occurred in PNG, and the Solomon Islands, are shown on the map above, just under the “24 Quakes in 23 Days” banner. If the Super-Quake sends the tsunami to the west, the Philippines are gone and Japan is severally damaged along with most of Southeast Asia. If the tsunami is to the east then North America, Mexico, Latin America, Peru and Chile are in serious trouble.

But wait there’s more… I expect this catastrophe to be joined by another – A gigantic volcanic eruption or space strike, such as a large meteor over Russia. It could be something really bizarre like a sudden release of carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere causing suffocation on a mass scale.

If the main fault in PNG is not the site of the “event” then it could be the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver, British Columbia. In fact, all faults off Washington and Oregon and the San Andreas are subject to sudden release. This would be the long awaited 9.2+ “Ring of Fire” release. If you have not heard of it, I will summarize.

The 1700 Cascadia earthquake occurred along the Cascadia subduction zone on January 26 with an estimated magnitude of 8.7–9.2. The megathrust earthquake involved the Juan de Fuca Plate that underlies the Pacific Ocean, from mid-Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, south along the Pacific Northwest coast as far as northern California, USA. The length of the fault rupture was about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) with an average slip of 20 meters (66 ft).

It is possible that we could have a 9.2+ magnitude subduction zone earthquake and take out much of Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and California AND an event in PNG!

The chart bellow shows six eclipses plotted before and after now and both PNG and the U.S. Pacific Northwest are threatened:

The orange rectangle reflects the highest probability event region – The Paupa New Guinea (PNG) region. If the mega-quake takes place to the southeast (near the Solomon Islands, then North America and South America will get the brunt of the tsunami. If the mega-quake is to the northwest (near the Indonesian side of the Island of New Guinea) then the Philippines and Southeast Asia will be hit hard. (Credits – Wikipedia and Solar Fire Gold v8).

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  1. yamkin says:

    The warnings have gone out and you have done a magnificent job

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    You know you will fail?
    Nothing will happen.

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