Timing is the Key

Timing Is The Key (A Study of Financial Astrology and Speculative Markets):   $295.  Includes 180 pages (17 of which are an Annotated Bibliography).

Timing Is The Key:

Section 1 – Introduction —————————————————- Page 1

Section 2 – Astrology Overview —————————————— Page 14

Section 3 – Basic Financial Astrology ———————————– Page 32

Section 4 – Interpreting The Astro Signals —————————— Page 46

Section 5 – Support and Resistance Lines ——————————- Page 67

Section 6 – The Delta Time Strategy ————————————- Page 88

Section 7 – W. D. Gann Unveiled —————————————- Page 96

Section 8 – Computers and Speculative Markets (dated) ————- Page 110

Section 9 – Financial Astrology and the Stock Market ————— Page 130

Section 10 – Chaos and The Future ————————————- Page 143

Annotated Bibliography ————————————————– Page 163

List of Exhibits:

1.  Planets, Symbols and Keywords.

2.  Signs, Symbols and Key Phrases.

3.  Astrological House and Keywords.

4.  Aspect, Symbol, Angle Names and Keywords.

5.  Bill Foster’s Natal Horoscope.

6.  Keywords For “Financial” Planets.

7.  Keywords For “Financial” Aspects.

8.  Planetary Strength by Sign.

9.  Commodity Planet, Sign and House Rulers.

10. Natal Horoscope of CBOT Soybeans.

11. “Peak” chart For Soybeans.

12. Master “C” to “C” Graphic Chart.

13. Soybean Hand Transit Chart.

14. Computerized “C” to “N” Chart – Table Form.

15. Computerized “C” to “N” Chart – Graphic Form.

16. Computing and Plotting Support and Resistance Lines.

17. Soybean Trading Example.

18. Gold Trading Example.

19. Typical Computer System and software.

20. Natal Horoscope of Mesa Petroleum.

William G. Foster

Futures Trader and Blogger

6 Responses to Timing is the Key

  1. radiogirl says:

    Why astrology?I am asking with complete sincerity this question .I realize people have used astrology forever to predict the markets…

    • wfoster2011 says:

      Thank you for your comment and keep them coming. The reason is astrology looks into the future and I can test it. For example, if their is a Mars square Saturn aspect (angle) coming up, I can test that to see what happen to, say the price of Live Cattle. When I find an aspect that is strongly up or down, I buy or sell a futures contract for that particular commodity.
      The Master of Disaster

  2. wfoster2011 says:

    The coming 7 transiting Uranus square Pluto aspects, between 2012 and 2015, will sweep away the world we know.
    The Master of Disaster

  3. John says:

    Can you explain the above…?
    Uranus sqr pluto….


  4. wfoster2011 says:

    Hi John:
    I don’t know how much you know about astrology, however, here is my answer. The upcoming seven Uranus square Pluto aspect are only a group of 7 aspects that have not happened for thousands of years and that have produced significant social, economic, financial, earth changes and other world changing events to planet Earth.
    I use the 8 Uranian planets, in addition to the traditional planets, in my work plus TransPluto. These would include planets such as Zeus, Hades, Kronos, Vulcunus, Vulcun, Transpluto, and others.
    We are already seeing the results of some of these world changing events, e.g., the Arab Spring (which has morphed into the Arab Summer), events in North Africa (Libya, Egypt, Syria, et. al.), hurricane Irene and other “natural” disasters. The word “natural” is in ” because they are caused by the follies of men, e.g., greed, lust, power and control; which manifest in earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, volcanoes, floods, drought, famine et. al.
    What I have highlighted above is only a very small start of what is to come. See my post on “Thor has not brought down his hammer on the U.S. – yet.” for details of what i’m talking about. I lay it all out in that post, including a time line (by country and event)
    Bill Foster
    aka: the Master of Disaster
    PS: Please feel free to ask me any questions or make any comments you like.

  5. Ben says:

    i have a spreadsheet from you
    since i am not into astrology i do not know how to use it
    willing to pay you for timming on wheat soybeans corn gold and us treasuries

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