My name is: William Grant Foster or “The Master of Disaster.”

This blog is about the coming future of planet Earth.  Chaos will sweep away the world we know between 2014 and 2022.  Also, I include current economic and financial world news that impact us all.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: I research and post the changing earth situation and current disasters and future predictions of disasters.  These include volcanoes, floods, earthquakes, fires; airplane, shipwreck and train disasters; tornadoes, mine cave-ins, hurricanes, pestilence, blizzards, storms, tidal waves (tsunamis), explosions, nuclear accidents, oil spills, pollution, drought, famine, heat and cold waves, stampedes and other events causing massive fatalities and civil unrest.

With three computers working 24/7, my staff and I scour every source (developed over 25 years of research) to bring you the finest most in-depth coverage on the subject on the Web today.  Read tomorrows news today, right here!

My “day” job is full-time futures trader (commodities)  from the Las Vegas Headquarters of RMFF (Rocky Mountain Financial Forecasting).  Other tabs on this page show what we sell as a courtesy to our readers.  I posted these items for sale after seeing them for sale on EBay, Amazon.com and other websites.  Why buy used when you can get the real thing, straight from the author.  However, this site is devoted to news, information and forecasts of planet earth over the next critical 9 year period from 2014 to 2022.  Please, only buy these products if you absolutely have to have them and you don’t want to pay the outrageous prices previously discussed.  I make my money from full-time trading, not selling products. I offer a Trading Course (one-on-one for $73,000) for the serious trader who wants to eventually quit their day job and become a full time future trader.

Background:  Retired as a 1st Lt from the U.S. Army Armored: 5th Battalion, 68th Armored Regiment, 8th Infantry Division.  Three University degrees from California State University Northridge: B.S. Accounting, M.S. Business Administration and B.A. Psychology.  Over 25 years in researching mundane, financial and natal astrology.  Additionally, I am a practicing psychic, Para-normal researcher and Psychometrist.

Planet earth stands at the edge of the abyss, in terms of the manifestation of the dark karma surrounding our globe.  If we turn toward “The light” of God and embrace love and truth, joy and bliss, mercy and grace – all will be well.  However, the world seems to be on the road of darkness; characterized by greed, lust, power and control.  It is never too late for the worlds 7 billion+ people to turn towards “The Light.”  However, human nature is more concerned with accumulating wealth and power and using it for greed and control.  This was the same mistake made in Atlantis and Mu, many eons ago.  Will we never learn!  In fact, many of those from Atlantis and Mu are reincarnating now as a test from, “All That Is.”  Current indications are a failing grade – again!

William G. Foster

Futures Trader and Blogger

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  1. Charlee Elliott says:

    The sun is approaching the equinox and a square with Hades in Cancer. Hades approached 1.5 orb of cardinals in the fall of 2008 just as the economy crashed. Charting the Hades orb on the cardinal point accurately predicts the present economic trends and suggests that we’re down until mid 2013. Transneptunian transits are a useful arrow to add to your quiver.

    • wfoster2011 says:

      Hi Charlee:
      Astute insight on your part. I do use the Uranian TransNeptunian Planets. Here are the 24 objects or positions I use: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, ASC, MC, Part of Fortune, Vulcan, Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus, Poseidon and Transpluto.
      The following transiting aspects do not bode well for the future:
      1. Saturn in Libra conjunct Zeus.
      2. Saturn in Sag. 90* Neptune in Pisces.
      3. Saturn in Scorpio180* Admetos in Taurus.
      4. Saturn in Libra 90* Vulcunus in Cancer.
      5. Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Poseidon.
      6. Uranus in Aries 90* Pluto in Capricorn (these 7 transiting aspects are very challenging for planet Earth).
      7. Uranus in Aries 180* Zeus in Libra.
      8. Uranus in Aries 90* Kronos in Cancer (Kronos is not always positive).
      9. Uranus in Aries 90* Hades in Cancer.
      10. Pluto in Capricorn 90* Zeus in Libra.
      These ten transiting Tropical Geocentric aspects, span 2010 to 2016. Additional challenging aspects are on the horizon for 2017 to 2020.
      Bill Foster
      aka: The Master of Disaster

  2. susan2196 says:

    could you take a look at this and let me know what you think, i highly value your opinion

  3. wfoster2011 says:

    Yes, it looks good. Very interesting maps of the California fault system and how it evolved. Great story.

  4. susan2196 says:

    i am hoping that you will post this and comment on what this means, i am still in the learning stages and look to your expertise.

  5. most interesting use of astrology applied to real life. i love it!

  6. Hi Bill,

    Thank you for your interest in our straw bale hotel.
    We think your blog is great.
    Have a great year 2012 and a lot of success with your writing.

    Greetings from Switzerland


  7. Craig Hill says:

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can read about this Award at http://www.craighill.net/2012/02/19/versatile-blogger-award-nomination/

  8. restlessjo says:

    Thanks for following. Quite exhausted by the scale of your endeavours!

    • wfoster2011 says:

      Thank you – I try. I’m doing what I love and love what I’m doing. The coming years are going to be harsh, espcially 2014 and 2016. April 21, 2014, +/- a month or so; is really going to be a time of war and natural disasters – as nature rebels against the human race’s continual effort to destroy itself.

  9. Thank you for subscribing to my blog and i will do the same for you , and i will be back i like the content.

  10. The Pal Guy says:

    You have a great blog here and you talk about some in depth topics that interest me. I hope to see what else you share via your blog.

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  13. Hi William – thanks for visiting my blog/site and for following! Looking at your stuff here, I’d love to know where your Pluto is… 😉 Master of Disaster indeed! Best to you in 2013. Be Well!

  14. Thanks for following the blog. Greetings from the tip of Africa!

  15. Rusha Sams says:

    Thanks for following my blog. Ironically, I’m in Las Vegas for 10 days training teachers in Clark County on assessment practices using Discovery Education products. You have an excellent corner of the world and view of the people of the world from Vegas. I look forward to reading more of your perspective. http://ohtheplaceswesee.com

  16. Thank you for dropping by and following Malcolm’s Corner.

  17. I wanted to thank you for following my blog. I know this is not the most conventional way of saying thank you. I mean on your page. I just wanted to say thank you. Forgive myunconventionalism.

  18. Intellectual Revolutionary says:

    Greetings awesome blogger! I have listed your blog as the most versatile blog on wordpress! I find your blog to be hands down one of the most interesting sites on the entire web, and I commend you immensely for covering a vast array of topics. If you would like, you may make a similar post. If not, that is your choice, and no one can hold anything that you choose against you. I have started following your blog, and I look forward to all of your future posts.

  19. Hi William,

    Thank you for following my blog and sharing some of your time there. The above about you is very insightful and I am very interested in the natural disasters of the world so I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  20. 2ndhalfolife says:

    Thanks for stopping by and following.

  21. Congratulations! I love your blog and have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.
    However, there are rules and I won’t be offended if you don’t want to follow them. I just wanted to share your blog with others.
    Ana (Jubilee Journey)

  22. yuval29 says:

    Hi! Thanks for following my blog! 🙂

  23. Thank you for the follow, it’s great to have a new reader. I have to say, I’m amazed at the amount of work you put into your articles!

  24. Madoqua says:

    Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I hope you enjoy the posts. I am going to enjoy yours!

  25. Merci pour suivre mon blog. Ayez un grand mardi! d–0.o–b CIao!!!

  26. moreta999 says:

    awesome I really thank you’ve visited my blog, I want to learn a lot from your blog and once again, my handshake and thank full – come to Indonesia, a lot of events that I think it is a sign that the almighty creator of the earth is old – nice– sorry my english is not good 🙂

  27. Juan Antonio (Palanqueta) says:

    So that’s why you are following me?
    I mostly post my predictions on Facebook, then, if they become real i post them here, on WordPress.
    So, please, if you want to know my predictions, then just… see my FB.

    Greetings thanks for following me.
    I hope i can help you 😀

  28. Aaran Sian says:

    Hi William! Thanks so much for the follow!
    Your blog is really interesting, its got stuff I haven’t really thought about before which is great!
    You seem like a really interesting person too, and intriguing haha 😀

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    Also, thanks so much for the follow, I highly appreciated it.

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