Contest Wagering to Win!

New Sports Betting and Other Contests Book Out: (Updated October 12, 2013 – Prices good through December 31, 2014)

After my tremendous success in predicting the exact score in Super Bowl  46 (Feb. 5, 2012), 24 hours in advance, I’ve been besieged with questions and requests on how I did it.  Therefore, I’ve written a new book on the subject titled, “Contest Wagering to Win.”  My Super Bowl success was followed by predicting the winner three days in advance (see mail blog posts) of Super Bowl 47 – including the exact margin of victory for the Ravens over the 49ers (three points).

The book not only shows how to predict the winner of sporting events in advance, e.g., football, baseball, basketball, hockey and others; but other contest as well; such as elections.

My methods do NOT require the birthdays of the subjects involved, but involve new methods of prediction I only recently discovered and decided to apply to Super Bowl XLVI (46).  Imagine my amazement when I got the score exactly correct, as well as the over and under for the game, 24 hours in advance of the game itself.  This is documented in writing on my blog in a post dated February 4, 2012 at 5:44PM PST; 24 hours BEFORE the game.  Then I followed this one year later for Super Bowl 47 with the exact margin of victory for the Ravens (three points over the 49ers).  See my blog posts for proof.

Naturally, this type of information is extremely powerful in terms of its money making potential.  I made a ton of money on this with Las Vegas, Nevada Sports Books (where I live). I, also, bet the over and under, which is the total score of BOTH teams.  The amount I won is between me an my tax attorney, because of the IRS.

This book, on winning sporting events and elections, is the second in a series powerful wagering books and courses. The first was a course I’ve established on Financial Astrology and the commodities markets (how I make my living).  See the page titled “Financial Astrology Trading Course” for details.  That course is $73,000 and is a one-on-one class, where I teach people how to trade futures (gold, currencies, soybeans, silver, interest rate futures, stock indices, wheat – 27 all together). This course clearly details how to trade for a living, like I do, and quit your day job.

Because of the time involved in teaching the one-on-one trading course, blogging, trading for a living and disaster and other research; I have decided to issue a detailed, comprehensive book on the subject rather than a One-On-One course.  I don’t have the time. This book (Contest Wagering to Win) is priced at $37,000 each and is delivered either in MS Word or pdf format, over the internet or in hard copy.  It requires a check to me in advance of shipping.  Contact me at: for further information or the address to mail the check to.

Profitably Yours,

William G. Foster

aka: The Master of Disaster

2 Responses to Contest Wagering to Win!

  1. EH says:

    Hi Bill

    Congrats on your winnings! I recall (and still have) one of the original ‘core models’ for this sort of thing; as it was published over 40 years ago in an early work by Lewellyn George. His schema was an
    ‘Alpha-Omega ‘ system using the chart for any sports event. He also approached subdividing the chart according to time schemes within events (quarters, innings, etc.). The main thing lacking in his model
    was actually formulating the specific points spread (rather than simply the win/lose constructs between competitors). But it’s nonetheless one of the early cornerstones into these methods. Am familiar with picking the winners, but as yet lacking the research data to arrive at (or retro-fit) the really profitable part for getting the points spread.

    if things weren’t falling apart now, I’d redux some of that material. But at present, there’s other fish to fry.
    Nonetheless, hoping you (are) get(ting) some interested parties into your model!



    • wfoster2011 says:

      This is not that old of a technique and much simplier than the one you describe. I can not disclose the specifics of this powerful technique because I live in Las Vegas and use it to make some serious money (as do those who have purchased my book). The method has four parts: three for who wins and one for the actual score (if one can be determined as in football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, etc.) or who will win an election and by how much. I can bet on all of these in Las Vegas, Nevada including golf. It took several years to perfect, and I decided to use it on Super Bowl 46 with astonishing success as documented on my web-site 24 hours BEFORE the Super Bowl.
      William G. Foster
      Master Astrologer

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