Financial Astrology Trading Course.

One-On-One Financial Astrology Trading Course for Futures Contracts (Commodities):

Introducing the Rocky Mountain Financial Forecasting One-On-One Financial Trading Course:

1.  You get a personnel six month consultation by email on how to trade 30 commodities contracts using Financial Astrology as developed by William G. Foster’s over 30
years experience in trading for a living.
2.  The course includes a financial and a natal chart interpretation of your horoscope.  What markets should you trade?  When should you trade?
3.  It, also, includes a complete analysis of your natal chart with projections for six months into the future so you can be prepared to meet any opportunities or challenges
that may arise.
4.  The course includes all the information from
my vast experience on this subject (two books, 36 articles, five seminars, a seminar-by-mail and my TV appearances).
5.  I give you the secret of success in trading for a living.
6.  Which broker and trading platform I recommend.
7.  How to research a trade.
8.  How to determine when to enter a trade.
9.  How to enter a trade using astrological support and
resistance lines.
10. How to determine and set a profit taker order.
11. What types of orders to use in trading.
12. How to determine and set a stop-loss order.
13. At what level or price to set a profit taker and stop
loss order.
14. How and when to exit a trade if your stop or profit taker is not hit.
15. One-on-one daily emails from me and questions or comments from you (limit to 1 a day).
16. Ask me any questions you may have as the course work proceeds.
17. I’ll set you up with the correct broker and account size (I receive no kick-back or commissions from my broker on this).
18. I’ll guide you through your first ten trades.
19. Unlimited questions from you for six months from the date of signing up and paying your fee.
20.Total cost for all of the above is $73,000 (check or money order). Price good through Dec-01-2014.

For questions or comments contact me

No guarantees are implied or acknowledged. As always, there are no guarantees with venture capital. Trading commodities (futures) is fraught with financial danger and I do not guarantee you will make money. With futures you  can lose more than your initial investment. Options on futures limit your loss. It is important that you understand that I guarantee nothing. No surety, warranties or pledges are available with this offer of services. Payment is in advance of service by check or money order and is

William G. Foster
RMFF – President and CEO

The Sun Rises Behind Saturn – Representing the Challenges of Becoming Your Own Boss

The Sun is rising over the challenges represented by Saturn. Sign-up today to be your own boss and trade for a living. William G. Foster

Futures Trader

5 Responses to Financial Astrology Trading Course.

  1. Samuel Chow says:

    hello, can you share some track record for me to reference? thank you

  2. William did you work with Jack Gillen? Your photo shows a very young looking guy.
    Please respond via

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