What We Sell

RMFF (Rocky Mountain Financial Forecasting)  Items for sale.  Coyright © 2013, All Rights Reserved: (Prices good through Dec-31-2014).

1.  Commodology Secret of Soybeans (A Study of Astrology and The Commodity Market)$195 US.  Includes 80 pages and 76 Exhibits.

2.  Timing Is The Key (A Study of Financial Astrology and Speculative Markets):   $295.  Includes 180 pages (17 of which are an Annotated Bibliography).

3.  All 36 Articles from the RMFF Newsletter$495.  Includes 187 pages.

4.  Financial Astrology Trading Couse$73,000.  Please see a separate tab for this item titled, “Financial Astrology Trading Couse.  Designed for the person who wants to stop working for others and trade for a living. This is an intensive and expanded course and is meant to replace all other items. Updated as of June 1, 2011 to cover my latest trading techniques.

5.  Seven Years of RMFF Monthly Newsletters:  Includes over 1,400 pages.  Includes all the articles identified in item #3 above.  $3,900.

6.  The book “Contest Wagering to Win” is $37,000.  See description under tab by the same title.

7. “Scum City” an “X” rated crime novel set in “sin city.” 

Las Vegas homicide detective Joe Jones was sick of the pimps, hookers, addicts, con artists, thieves, sicko deviants and various other “Sin City” scum.  He took it as his personal mission to “clean up” this cease pool of a city without bothering with arrest, trial, jury and jail.

This electrifying tale of sex, drugs, torture, murder and assorted mayhem takes place against a back drop of momentous earth changes as chaos sweeps away the world they knew.

When Joe is assigned his new partner Zia, a startling beautiful former New York City detective, they go on a special mission of pleasure, redemption, slaughter and double-dealing.

As the love blossoms between them, they scam the Sin City Scum and reap a fortune, which they use to plan and attempt to execute their escape to a new way of life in a faraway land.  *** End of Synopsis ***

If you would like a copy of this book, email me at wfoster2010@cox.net and specify format (.docx, .doc, .pdf or other format) with a check for $59.95.  Contact me via email for details.

William G. Foster

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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