Disaster Projection for 2014 from the Chaos Blog.

April 26, 2014 Disaster Projection by Month for the Rest of 2014: The major aspects between the slow moving planets, Mars and selected Uranian Planets are shown above by month. The aspects are shown in the column titled “Asp.” The red aspects are stressful, while the blue aspects are smooth, lucky and easy. The black aspects are conjuncts and it depends upon the planetary pairs involved in terms of how it will manifest (hard or soft).

April was full of hard aspects and the conjunction was between two “hard” planets (Mars and Zeus). That was a difficult month with lots of earthquakes. May is mixed but could present some challenges with Uranus opposite Zeus. June will be difficult, because the hard aspects are very tough. July is moderate with Jupiter involved in half the aspects; however, the Mars square Vulcanus on July 22 could be grim. August looks very tame with mostly soft aspects or Jupiter. The Mars conjunct Saturn on Aug-25 could be problematic. Sept. is mixed with the Mars opposite Admetos (Sep-12) and square Neptune (Sep-22) smells like tsunami. October is all “blue,” in other words, a very tranquil month. November and December is when the rubber hits the road. It will get nasty.

November starts off with Mars opposite Hades (Nov-01), which could really be terrible for world affairs. Mars conjunct Pluto is a war aspect (Nov-10). Mars square Uranus (Nov-13) represents a sudden and unexpected military or war situation, as does Mars square Zeus (Nov-18). Need I say more but war, fire and explosions for November!

December is hot, and I don’t mean the temperature! We have Mars opposite Vulcanus (Dec-03), with Mars straight energy and action and Vulcanus (ruling great power), i.e., a major volcanic eruption and mega-quake and tsunami. Saturn is opposite Admetos, which says a very deep and powerful earthquake or volcanic magma welling up within a sleeping “beast” like Yellowstone. The final aspect is Uranus square Pluto (Dec-15), followed by Mars square Poseidon, which spells mega-quake and tsunami.

Of course, the planets stand for a lot of other event types.  For example, floods would be a combination of Jupiter (too much) and a water ruling planet like Neptune or Poseidon.  Saturn rules avalanches, etc.  (Credits – Solar Fire Gold and the USGS).

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