Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock!

April 22, 2014 Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock! Sunday (April 20) the “gun” was loaded with Jupiter square Uranus and Jupiter opposite Pluto; and Uranus square Pluto yesterday. Today the gun will be cocked with Mars square Jupiter. Tomorrow the gun will be fired when either PNG or the U.S. Pacific Northwest is struck by the strongest earthquake of the 21st or 20th Century. Mars will “pull the trigger” on April 23 at 12:09AM (Mars opposite Uranus) and 6:47AM (Mars square Pluto – both PDT). I believe that the 6:47AM time will be the stronger of the two, i.e., this will set off the whole process.

On the map, the two regions are opposite each other. A 9.8 magnitude earthquake, in either of these locations, will be biblical and catastrophic on a scale not see in modern history. An event of this magnitude in the U.S. NW would through the world into Great Depression II as the West Coast of the U.S. is completely destroyed. Perhaps 50 million people live along that sea coast.

The carnage and mashing of teeth will be great. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver will all be gone. Stocks will drop by 50 percent in minutes. The tsunami sows destruction around the globe. Lawlessness manifests through-out the western U.S. and National Guard troops are called up to restore order. But lawlessness is not restored. Gang fights and turf battles erupt along the west coast and eventually spread in-land as the whole country becomes stepped in conflict, riot and despair.

A version of this scenario will spread through-out every country as “Chaos weeps Away the World we Know!” And, replaces it with what?

“The Four ages of Man”

He with body waged a fight,

But body won; it walks upright.

Then he struggled with the heart;

Innocence and peace depart.

Then he struggled with the mind;

His proud heart he left behind.

Now his wars on God begin;

At stroke of midnight God shall win!

William Butler Yeats

1865 – 1939, Irish Poet

From “Supernatural Songs “

The Master of Disaster

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6 Responses to Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock!

  1. Opportos says:

    What time zone? EST? Pacific time? UTC? GMT?

    • wfoster2011 says:

      They were PDT, however, they did not occur as planned. Do not blame Mundane Astrology, blame the astrologer. The 6.6 magnitude near Vancouver, Canada was a sign of bad possibilities for the U.S. Pacific Northwest – 9.3 magnitude!
      The Master of Disaster

      • PuterMan says:

        I believe that a day or two either side as leeway is acceptable in earthquake terms and the 6.7 on Cascadia could be a foreshock.

        When all is said and done Bill credit to your for predicting the uptick in April, regardless of whether the bigger one happens. April ranks amongst the top month now since 1900 for the number of Strong, Major and Great quakes – but not of course for energy release.

  2. yamkin says:

    The dimensional change is here and ready to rock the world.

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