Commodology Secret of Soybeans

Commodology Secret of Soybeans (A Study of Astrology and The Commodity Market): $195.  Includes 80 pages and 76 Exhibits.

1.  Commodology Secret of Soybeans:

Introduction —————————————————————— Page 1

Section I – Metaphysical Primer ——————————————- Page 5

Section II – Introduction to Astrology ———————————— Page 15

Section III – Astrology and W. D. Gann ———————————- Page 26

Section IV – Astrology and Speculative Markets, Cosmetology —– Page 38

Summary – Conclusion and the Futures ———————————- Page 61

Bibliography —————————————————————– Page 69

The 76 Exhibits describe various subjects on Astrology, commodities (Futures Contracts), natal charts (mostly Soybeans), planetary support and resistance lines, et. Al.

William G. Foster

Futures Trader and Blogger

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