U.S. Pacific Northwest Destroyed by Earthquake and Tsunami!

April 17, 2014 Will the U.S. Pacific Northwest be Devastated by Earthquake and Tsunami Next Week: Another disaster scenario that could abolish Vancouver, Seattle and Portland? The top map shows the planet astro map lines as they progress across the globe. Astro lines that could make it difficult for the Northwest: Pluto on the MC, Sun ASC and the North Node (fate) DSC lines. This could be the big 9.1+ event due for the region. The last mega-quake and tsunami was in 1700. This region is overdue for “the big One.

The second astro map shows the same time period only different planetary lines. Mars and Zeus on the MC cut right through The San Andreas fault. Los Angeles is already nervous after the small quake in Brae and a larger one in Northern California. These and other planetary aspects and map lines mean a large 9.1+ event could occur next week. (Credits – Solar Fire Gold v8 and Excel Spread Sheets 2010).

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4 Responses to U.S. Pacific Northwest Destroyed by Earthquake and Tsunami!

  1. yamkin says:

    Our planet and solar system is going through a dimensional change and even the elite are powerless to change this. Your post is very good and will happen unfortunately.

  2. PuterMan says:

    Ha Bill, whilst those such as myself agree with the potential we shall just have to hunt you down as the perpetrator of the event by grievous majyck if it does!!!

    Here is to hoping your prediction is incorrect!

  3. kabalista says:

    6.7 EQ in Vancouver Island

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