Current Global Earthquake Map and Chilling Future World Forecast for the “End Times.”

November 25, 2013 Current Global Earthquake Map: This USGS earthquake maps reflects 411 quakes, over the last 30 days, with a magnitude greater than or equal to 4.5.

The western portion of the Pacific Ring of Fire is the most active; with a substantial number of quakes further west in Asia and the Middle East.

The size of the circles indicates the relative strength of the quakes. The colors show the time sequence; with orange occurring today (Nov-25), yellow this week and white from day 8 to 30.

Off the southeast tip of South America, you can see a series of quakes that occurred close to Antarctica. Not shown is a 7.0 magnitude (M) quake that occurred about three hours ago (Nov-25). This was the latest in a series of quakes that have occurred in the South Atlantic Ocean over the last 13 days; the largest of which was a 7.8M (Nov-17). The other two were 6.8M (Nov-16) and 6.1M (Nov-13). This makes the next paragraph even more chilling.

Edgar Cayce, and others, warned about a time in the future when this region would signal the start of a world transition; which would include the sinking of Japan and the annihilation of the United States. This would include the sinking of major portions of the Western U.S., a series of major earthquakes along the western U.S. coast and major quakes in the New Madrid region of Missouri and Charleston, South Carolina.

Future map of the U.S. from Gordon Michael Scallion.

Time Line to the Future Detailed Maps are Found Here

Future map of the World from Gordon Michael Scallion.  Notice the destruction of Russia, much of South America and EuropeAlso, notice the rising of Atlantis off the East Coast of the United States and the rising of Mu in the South Pacific.

Stay to tune to the “Chaos Blog” for the latest news relative to the “end times.” (Credits – USGS, the Edgar Cayce Foundation & Gordon Michael Scallion).

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