Democracy is Dead!

October 8, 2012 Democracy is Dead in America: Hillary Clinton calls for Egypt, Syria, Libya, and China to “democratize.” But democracy, as practiced by the US and other developed countries, is a fraud. It is just a way for the insiders to scam money and power from the outsiders, by pretending that the voters are in charge.

How many taxpayers would vote to spend about $10,000 each on the war against Iraq?

How many would vote for the latest mortgage deal…where homeowners who saved their money and paid their mortgages are forced to make up for those who bought houses recklessly…and then couldn’t make their payments?

How many would vote to bail out Goldman Sachs…Bank of America…or Citigroup?

But voters never get a chance to vote on the issues. They vote for candidates…financed by insiders, with agendas the outsiders cannot even imagine.

The word ‘democracy’ arose in small Greek city states, where the voters actually voted on the concrete issues, not just the slippery candidates. Citizens voted to go to war…knowing not only that they would have to pay for it…but that they could be killed in the battles themselves. War was a matter of life and death, not just a campaign slogan of a chubby, middle-aged draft-dodger.

The Italian city states practiced real democracy too. In 15th century Florence, for example, citizens voted on whether or not to build a cathedral… Then, they voted on what shape it should take.

A scale model was built. Citizens knew what it would look like. They understood how it was built and how much it would cost them. They cast their ballots and took responsibility for the outcome.

American democracy, circa 2012, has no more in common with real democracy than American capitalism has in common with real capitalism. Both are degenerate…corrupt…and geriatric.

In George Washington’s Farewell Address, he warns the American people of many issues that we have apparently forgotten in the name of power, greed and control. [We find  ourselves on the slippery slope towards

Washington states his support for the new constitutional government, calling it an improvement upon the nation’s original attempt in the Articles of Confederation, and reminds the people that although it is the right of the people to alter the government to meet their needs, it should only be done through constitutional amendments.

Washington warns the people that political factions who seek to obstruct the execution of the laws created by the government, or prevent the constitutional branches from enacting the powers provided them by the constitution may claim to be working in the interest of answering popular demands or solving pressing problems, but their true intentions are to take the power from the people and place it in the hands of unjust men. [Where it now  resides – with the power brokers and financial insiders. Money = Power =  Corruption.]

Washington continues his defense of the Constitution by stating his belief that the system of checks and balances and separation of powers within it are important means of preventing a single person or group from seizing control of the country. [The “power elite” run this country and they are funded by the
“1%” and rich corporations.]

Washington provides strong support for a balanced federal budget, arguing that the nation’s credit is an important source of strength and security. He urges the American people to preserve the national credit by avoiding war, avoiding unnecessary borrowing, and paying off any national debt accumulated in times of war as quickly as possible in times of peace so that future generations do not have to take on the financial burdens that others have taken on themselves. [If only we had listened to these words of wisdom and wise men had stood up against the power elite. We are $15 TRILLION too

Washington dedicates a large part of his farewell address to discussing foreign relations, and the dangers of permanent alliances between the United States and foreign nations. [The military industrial complex is not
interested in peace.]

Washington makes reference to proper behavior based upon religious doctrine and morality. He advocates a policy of good faith and justice towards all nations, and urges the American people to avoid long-term friendly relations or rivalries with any nation. He argues these attachments and animosity toward nations will only cloud the government’s judgment in its foreign policy. Washington argues that longstanding poor relations will only lead to unnecessary wars due to a tendency to blow minor offenses out of proportion when committed by nations viewed as enemies of the United States. He continues this argument by claiming that alliances are likely to draw the United States into wars which have no justification and no benefit to the country beyond simply defending the favored nation [and enriching the military/industrial complex]. Washington continues his warning on alliances by claiming that they often lead to poor relations with nations who feel that they are not being treated as well as America’s allies, and threaten to influence the American government into making decisions based upon the will of their allies instead of the will of the American people. [Guess we forgot that one too.]

To this day, Washington’s Farewell Address is considered to be one of the most important documents in American history.

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  1. incaunipocrit says:

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  2. This is a good post, I’ll forwarded to my congressman, just another reminder. However I don’t agree, democracies not dead. But the freedom loving spirit of the American people is definitely in decline. The people don’t take enough time to select the right people to run for office. Then we vote in the lease of the two evils. We allow the people how represent us, to remain in office even when they don’t represent us. The promise of America /the promise of democracy through free people/free will. This comes at a cost, it’s a tremendous burden
    { responsibility} to pay attention to what these people say and then vote. We have become accustomed to listing to promises that we know damn well, they’re not going to keep them. Then get upset when they don’t. We’ve been forced to the abyss before/and will be forced their again. This upcomming, election is a major turning point, we need leadership in Washington– I’m sure you know that I don’t mean just in the White House. We will elect representatives who represent the people. So the people need to remember if you want these representatives to do the job??? Speak up!! Make sure that they know what we want! ? ! If they can’t or won’t do the job, then will replace them too.
    Keep up the pressure///

  3. Jacquelyn Fedyk says:

    I agree 100% with this article!!!

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