Vancouver Canada Region Struck by 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake.

April 24, 2014 Vancouver Region Struck by 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake: After four days and three hours, from the last quake great than 6.0; we see a fairly substantial 6.6 hit the Vancouver Canada region. People from as far away as Kelowna, B.C., nearly a thousand kilometers to the east, reported feeling the earthquake. So far more than 400 people have reported feeling the earthquake to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Could this be working up to a mammoth 9.3 mega-quake in the Juan de Fuca Plate System? (Credits – CBC News British Columbia).

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The Solomon Islands Metropolitan Buster!

April 23, 2014 The Solomon Islands Metropolitan Buster: The coming Mega-Monster Quake and Tsunami will be in the Solomon Islands at approximately one degrees South and 17 minutes of latitude; and 162 East and one minute of longitude. The estimated dates of the colossal events are April 23 and 27. The time for the April 27, 2014 mega-quake is 10:01:39 GMT (UTC). The times for tomorrow (April 23) are nine minutes after midnight (PDT) and 6:47 AM (PDT). Both of these dates and times should be considered a “Mega-Disaster Alert” of the 2nd order (the 1st order being, “…an asteroid is heading directly toward earth and will impact on…”) issued by the Chaos Blog.

Below is a satellite Google shot of the same picture above:

The plate topography is complex and the ocean depth exceeds 15,000 feet in many places.

Of the April 2014 Solomon Island quakes shown (11), four were from 7.1 to 7.6 in magnitude. The thousand mile rupture, due to the mega-quake and tsunami, will stretch from the “blue dot” in the Southeast Solomon Islands to the Northwest.

The map above is a global view of the 24 earthquakes greater than or equal to 6.0 magnitude. Stay tuned for any exciting late breaking news on this colossal happening.

The Master of Disaster

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Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock!

April 22, 2014 Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock! Sunday (April 20) the “gun” was loaded with Jupiter square Uranus and Jupiter opposite Pluto; and Uranus square Pluto yesterday. Today the gun will be cocked with Mars square Jupiter. Tomorrow the gun will be fired when either PNG or the U.S. Pacific Northwest is struck by the strongest earthquake of the 21st or 20th Century. Mars will “pull the trigger” on April 23 at 12:09AM (Mars opposite Uranus) and 6:47AM (Mars square Pluto). I believe that the 6:47AM time will be the stronger of the two, i.e., this will set off the whole process.

On the map, the two regions are opposite each other. A 9.8 magnitude earthquake, in either of these locations, will be biblical and catastrophic on a scale not see in modern history. An event of this magnitude in the U.S. NW would through the world into Great Depression II as the West Coast of the U.S. is completely destroyed. Perhaps 50 million people live along that sea coast.

The carnage and mashing of teeth will be great. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver will all be gone. Stocks will drop by 50 percent in minutes. The tsunami sows destruction around the globe. Lawlessness manifests through-out the western U.S. and National Guard troops are called up to restore order. But lawlessness is not restored. Gang fights and turf battles erupt along the west coast and eventually spread in-land as the whole country becomes stepped in conflict, riot and despair.

A version of this scenario will spread through-out every country as “Chaos weeps Away the World we Know!” And, replaces it with what?

“The Four ages of Man”

He with body waged a fight,

But body won; it walks upright.

Then he struggled with the heart;

Innocence and peace depart.

Then he struggled with the mind;

His proud heart he left behind.

Now his wars on God begin;

At stroke of midnight God shall win!

William Butler Yeats

1865 – 1939, Irish Poet

From “Supernatural Songs “

The Master of Disaster

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Let the Games Begin!

April 21, 2014 - Let the Games Begin: The four days of terror have started. From April 20 to 24 will see a 9.8 magnitude earthquake near Paupa New Guinea (PNG) or a release of near the Cascadia Fault Zone of the U.S. Pacific Northwest from 8.9 to 9.4 magnitude.

The Island of New Guinea is the second largest in the world, after Greenland; and is divided into the Indonesian West and the PNG East. The series of large quakes that have occurred in PNG, and the Solomon Islands, are shown on the map above, just under the “24 Quakes in 23 Days” banner. If the Super-Quake sends the tsunami to the west, the Philippines are gone and Japan is severally damaged along with most of Southeast Asia. If the tsunami is to the east then North America, Mexico, Latin America, Peru and Chile are in serious trouble.

But wait there’s more… I expect this catastrophe to be joined by another – A gigantic volcanic eruption or space strike, such as a large meteor over Russia. It could be something really bizarre like a sudden release of carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere causing suffocation on a mass scale.

If the main fault in PNG is not the site of the “event” then it could be the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver, British Columbia. In fact, all faults off Washington and Oregon and the San Andreas are subject to sudden release. This would be the long awaited 9.2+ “Ring of Fire” release. If you have not heard of it, I will summarize.

The 1700 Cascadia earthquake occurred along the Cascadia subduction zone on January 26 with an estimated magnitude of 8.7–9.2. The megathrust earthquake involved the Juan de Fuca Plate that underlies the Pacific Ocean, from mid-Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, south along the Pacific Northwest coast as far as northern California, USA. The length of the fault rupture was about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) with an average slip of 20 meters (66 ft).

It is possible that we could have a 9.2+ magnitude subduction zone earthquake and take out much of Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and California AND an event in PNG!

The chart bellow shows six eclipses plotted before and after now and both PNG and the U.S. Pacific Northwest are threatened:

The orange rectangle reflects the highest probability event region – The Paupa New Guinea (PNG) region. If the mega-quake takes place to the southeast (near the Solomon Islands, then North America and South America will get the brunt of the tsunami. If the mega-quake is to the northwest (near the Indonesian side of the Island of New Guinea) then the Philippines and Southeast Asia will be hit hard. (Credits – Wikipedia and Solar Fire Gold v8).

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World Havoc Starts Tomorrow!

April 20, 2014 World Havoc Starts Tomorrow! The “four days that change the world” starts Sunday April 20th. I have been waiting for this day for many years. I hope you have at least stocked up on batteries, flashlights, water, can goods, medications, first aid kit, etc.  The map above shows the four main regions that were affected by the 24 earthquakes, >= 6.0 Magnitude, that have occurred through the first twenty days of April 2014.  Which of these four regions will break – PNG.

The lines on the chart above are the Total Eclipse of the Sun, which occurs on April 28 at 11:14PM in 8*Taurus52′ longitude (PDT).  The top line is the zero Eclipse line.  The quake should occur along this line.

To summarize: A massive earthquake will strike PNG (Paupa New Guinea) April 23 or 24. This quake will be greater than 9.6 magnitude. The tsunami generated will be 200 to 350 feet high! It now looks like the direction of the tsunami will be directly toward Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Latin America. Hawaii will be hit first.

However, this earthquake could go a number of ways. Here’s why:

The earthquake should take place somewhere in the red rectangle. The problem is this region has such a complex fault system; the Tsunami could go backward and obliterate Australia.

Additionally, there is the very real threat of a serious volcanic eruption or a surprise strike from the sky. For example, a major meteor strike over Russia.

The area in the red rectangle is about 12 to 15,000 feet deep. If this area rises instead of falls, we could have a huge volume of water being pushed up in the air in dramatic fashion. Which is why this tsunami will go is anybody’s guess. However, if the release is from a normal convergent plate slippage, then North America will get trounced. The next report will be tomorrow, unless something very dramatic occurs; which is entirely possible.

The Master of Disaster

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22 Earthquakes in 19 Days and the Worst is Yet to Come.

April 19, 2014 22 Earthquakes in 19 Days and the Worst is Yet to Come: The USGS generated chart above reflects 22 quakes in the first nineteen days of April, 2014. And these were not small baby shakes, e.g., we had a grand daddy 8.2 in Chile and several other powerful earthquakes as you can see by the map. The latest victim was Mexico with a 7.2 magnitude quake on land.

The graph above shows the 32X USGS Derived Earthquake Power Rating. You can clearly see how strong the 8.2 AND 6.9 magnitude quakes where based on this rating. Pretty small bump on April 1st. Now look at the projected quake. I put it in for April 20th but I’m guessing April 23rd or 24th.

What a dramatic difference in strength. This means that he 9.2 to 9.4 magnitude quake I’m projecting for PNG (Paupa New Guinea) is going to generate a tsunami of unbelievable size and strength. How high is that? Over 200 to 300 feet in the immediate region. The Philippines are toast. Japan will suffer greatly. Hawaii will see some very big waves, as will North America; especially Alaska, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

This Excel Spread Sheet reflects the 22 earthquakes in April 2014. The column with black single digits are the quantity of earthquakes that day. The red numbers are the combined magnitudes, the green numbers the 10X rating (most often quoted on the news) and the blue 32X numbers. April 1st has a 32X rating of 1,997 while a massive 9.1 has a rating of 44,668.

Therefore, it is time for the havoc to begin. Tomorrow, and the next three days to April 24th are the prime immediate danger Zone.

The Master of Disaster

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U.S. Pacific Northwest Destroyed by Earthquake and Tsunami!

April 17, 2014 Will the U.S. Pacific Northwest be Devastated by Earthquake and Tsunami Next Week: Another disaster scenario that could abolish Vancouver, Seattle and Portland? The top map shows the planet astro map lines as they progress across the globe. Astro lines that could make it difficult for the Northwest: Pluto on the MC, Sun ASC and the North Node (fate) DSC lines. This could be the big 9.1+ event due for the region. The last mega-quake and tsunami was in 1700. This region is overdue for “the big One.

The second astro map shows the same time period only different planetary lines. Mars and Zeus on the MC cut right through The San Andreas fault. Los Angeles is already nervous after the small quake in Brae and a larger one in Northern California. These and other planetary aspects and map lines mean a large 9.1+ event could occur next week. (Credits – Solar Fire Gold v8 and Excel Spread Sheets 2010).

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Will Tokyo Sink Below the Waves Next Week!

April 16, 2014 Will Tokyo Sink Below the Waves Next Week: Looking at the transits (movements) of the planets next week, I noticed that Uranus, Mars and Zeus surround Tokyo. Could next week see the biggest earthquake and tsunami to hit the world in modern history? The history of Japan is fraught with extremely large and destructive earthquakes as follow:

Tokyo was destroyed and over 143,000 lost their lives during the September 1, 1923 Tokyo earthquake:

The destruction was total:

In the map above, Uranus, Mars and Zeus go very close to Tokyo, Japan. Was the 6.9 magnitude earthquake in the far South Atlantic a sign that the bad times have begun per Edgar Cayce’s readings? The time fast approaches when we will find out what havoc will be wrought!

The Master of Disaster

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A Strong Earthquake Strikes the Extreme South Atlantic Ocean.

April 15, 2014 Another Major Earthquake Strikes on Target: A 6.9 magnitude quake struck the Bouvet Island Region; which as you can see from the map, is in the extreme South Atlantic Ocean. This quake took place exactly as transiting Mercury was square transiting Pluto (by one longitude minute) and Sun 45* Venus (four minutes). Tomorrow (April 16) there is Mercury opposite Mars at 4:15AM PDT, which could cause a quake in the 6.5 to 6.9 range.

The quake today hit at 3:57 AM GMT on 15-April, at a depth of 11 kilometers (7 miles). The earthquake struck at -53 degrees south latitude and eight degrees east longitude.

This earthquake is one of 16 in the first fifteen days of April. They include an 8.2 and 7.6 (Chile), 7.6 and 7.4 (the Solomon Islands) and various other very strong quakes of 7.1 and lesser magnitudes. I repeat, the worst is yet to come. Specifically, April 20to 24 are the most dangerous times. By dangerous, I mean a major volcanic eruptions, earthquake, meteor strike, civil war or insurrection (Ukraine), etc. (Credits – Google Maps and W. G. Foster).

The Master of Disaster

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Is “The Big One” Just Around the Corner!

April 14, 2014 - Promises of Preparedness Followed Devastating Earthquakes. And Yet: It is hard to imagine any people, collectively, being better prepared for earthquakes than the Japanese. Their country is one long seismic zone, which at any moment could, literally, rock and roll. Every Sept. 1, across the archipelago, Japanese engage in exercises devoted to disaster awareness: what to do should the worst happen. The occasion resonates with history. On that date in 1923, the Great Kanto earthquake devastated Tokyo and nearby Yokohama, unleashing fire and fury that left more than 100,000 people dead. After that, Japan resolved that it would prepare for whatever cataclysm nature might throw at it. And yet.

When a huge earthquake struck Kobe in southern Japan in January 1995, killing more than 6,400, the national government and local officials stood accused of foot-dragging — a slow response that, among other failings, cost some people their lives and left as many as 300,000 others out in the cold, homeless for far too long. Comparable indictments of the authorities were heard in 2011 after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, which overwhelmed parts of northeastern Japan and created the enduring nuclear nightmare at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

Readiness, or lack of it, is also on the national mind in this country after back-to-back earthquakes rocked Southern California in late March. Damage was relatively slight. But a question that had loomed for decades suddenly gained new urgency: How prepared are Americans, especially Californians, for the anticipated killer quake routinely referred to with a mixture of dread and awe as the Big One? That question is the focus of the latest installment of Retro Report, a series of video documentaries that hark back to major news stories from the past, and examine what has happened since.

The starting point for this week’s offering is the Loma Prieta earthquake that jolted the San Francisco Bay Area on Oct. 17, 1989. Named for a mountain peak south of the bay that was near the epicenter, the 6.9-magnitude temblor killed 63 people, 42 of them when the upper level of a double-deck portion of freeway in Oakland collapsed and crushed cars below.

To some, this became known as the World Series earthquake. It struck at 5:04 p.m. as cross-bay baseball rivals, the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics, were about to start the third game of the Series in San Francisco. Some experts credit the Series with having saved lives. Normally at that hour, many more drivers would have been on the road. Instead, people were already at home or still at work gathered around televisions. (In case you care, that third game was finally played 10 days later and was won by the A’s, who went on to sweep the Giants in four games.)

After Loma Prieta and then a quake of 6.7 magnitude in 1994, California bumped up its readiness by many notches. Billions have been spent fortifying infrastructure elements like bridges, rail systems, water mains, schools and other public buildings.

In addition to the late-March temblors in Southern California, an 8.2-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Chile on April 1 focused minds anew on the work that needs to be done. A natural concern is that being better prepared is hardly synonymous with being fully prepared; if nothing else, hundreds of thousands of single-family homes across California are still vulnerable. Once memories of an earthquake fade, there is a tendency to slip back into complacency, Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles has said. This is a theme as well for Dennis Mileti, a professor emeritus of sociology with the University of Colorado, Boulder, who now lives in California and told Retro Report that humans are “wired to ignore high-consequence, low-probability events.”

Click here for the complete story – including an 11 minute video.

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