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Lunar Eclipce and Disaster

Eclipses usually portend significant events such as disasters. This eclipse forecasts several areas for such events to take place The projected dates for these predictions are, also, shown. The most opportune dates are June 16, 20, 23 & 28, 2011. … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse Today!

At totality, the Lunar Eclipse today showed no abnormalities in the reflected sun light cast upon the Moon; according to scientists observing it. What this means is that, although we have had several recent strong volcanoes; none of them have … Continue reading

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Total Lunar Eclipse of June 15, 2011 – – Visibility

Here is another world map, relative to the viability of the Total Lunar Eclipse of June 15, 1011. Yes, it will be viable in the UK. The best area will be East of Madagascar. Anywhere in the white area on … Continue reading

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