The Solomon Islands Metropolitan Buster!

April 23, 2014 The Solomon Islands Metropolitan Buster: The coming Mega-Monster Quake and Tsunami will be in the Solomon Islands at approximately one degrees South and 17 minutes of latitude; and 162 East and one minute of longitude. The estimated dates of the colossal events are April 23 and 27. The time for the April 27, 2014 mega-quake is 10:01:39 GMT (UTC). The times for tomorrow (April 23) are nine minutes after midnight (PDT) and 6:47 AM (PDT). Both of these dates and times should be considered a “Mega-Disaster Alert” of the 2nd order (the 1st order being, “…an asteroid is heading directly toward earth and will impact on…”) issued by the Chaos Blog.

Below is a satellite Google shot of the same picture above:

The plate topography is complex and the ocean depth exceeds 15,000 feet in many places.

Of the April 2014 Solomon Island quakes shown (11), four were from 7.1 to 7.6 in magnitude. The thousand mile rupture, due to the mega-quake and tsunami, will stretch from the “blue dot” in the Southeast Solomon Islands to the Northwest.

The map above is a global view of the 24 earthquakes greater than or equal to 6.0 magnitude. Stay tuned for any exciting late breaking news on this colossal happening.

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2 Responses to The Solomon Islands Metropolitan Buster!

  1. PuterMan says:

    We will see Bill. I personally believe that anything in this area now is more likely to be in the Santa Cruz Islands/Vanuatu region.

  2. wfoster2011 says:

    Could very well be. From PNG to the Solomon Islands to the Santa Cruz Islands (Vanuatu) are likely candidates. April 27th is a danger date.

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