The 1929 Crash All Over Again – 2014 World Forecast.

November 30, 2013 The 1929 Crash All Over Again: Our toppy market could be headed for a big correction, if technical analysis is any guide.

That’s the conclusion of the McClellan Market Report newsletter chart, above, published Wednesday. It shows the rising performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since July 7, 2012 through today, in red. The black line above it is the Dow during 1928 and into 1929.

The prediction: the market could peak in mid-January, and lose all of its 2013 gains by the end of March 2014.

The Dow is up 40.62 points or 0.25% today to 16137.95. On Wednesday, at 16097.33, the DJIA hit a new record high, which represented the 44th record close this year.

Of course, the 1929 comparison has its problems. In the 1920s, the Federal Reserve raised the discount rate as high as 5%. Moreover, the New York Stock Exchange in that era was open six days per week. Thus, there were 43 more trading days in 1928 than in 2012.

McClellan Market Report Editor Tom McClellan warns that “expectations of precision are just not warranted” and no one should assume “the equivalent of the Sep. 3, 1929 top is ideally due Jan. 14, 2014.” Is your world about to come crashing down?

However, he writes the approximate Jan. 14 market-peak date “is all the more interesting” in light of work by another newsletter writer, and another author — of a book on George Lindsay’s market analysis. These two also expect some kind of January peak. One, based on Fibonacci cycle expansion analysis, and the other based on counting the number of days forward from important market dates, and identifying “a basic advance” — sometimes not the lowest low.

As we approach 2014 I would submit that the entire world is set to come crashing down, just as the Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park calve ice into the sea (above). Will the ice blocks be big or small and when will they occur? No one knows for sure.

However, mundane astrology gives us the best tool in forecasting the future. And that future looks dynamic and tumultuous at best, and chaotic and troubled at worst.

Do not be fooled by the harmony and lack of conflict and stress that will be prevalent up to December 12th, brought on by Jupiter trine Saturn. For surely this global sing along will be over by the Winter Solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st.

Subsequent to that date, there will be serious detours down discord lane when Mars is opposite Pluto on December 25th, Mercury and the Sun are square Uranus on December on December 29th; and Mars is square Pluto on December 30th.

Pictured above, the astro map for the Solar Eclipse on Apr-25-2014. Notice that Saturn crosses 121 miles from the Dec-26-2004 9.1 magnitude earthquake that killed 230 to 280 thousand people world-wide. This is not good.

The New Year starts off very badly with Jupiter opposite Pluto on January 31st and Jupiter square Uranus on February 25th. March 2014 is the calm before the storm but April will bring the house down with two eclipses and a terrifying grand cross on April 20/21. Under great stress from this hard aspects are Tehran, Iran; Vancouver and Seattle; Japan; Papua New Guinea; Melbourne and Brisbane, England – Western France and Eastern Spain; Los Angeles and Houston; and Pakistan.

Pictured above, the Tsunami strikes Ao Nang, Thailand. (Credits – Solar Fire Gold and Wikipedia).

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