Alaska Mega-quake Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock.

November 12, 2013  Alaska Earthquake Locked, Cocked & Ready to Rock: At 6:00AM on July 28, 2011, a “baby” 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck 74 miles (188 Km) north-west of Anchorage, Alaska. “Granddad” sits 150 miles (241 Km) to the south-east, in Prince William Sound; which is the location of the enormous 9.2 magnitude tremor of March 28, 1964. This huge seismic disturbance killed a total of 128 people. Of those 128 deceased, only 15 were due to the quake itself. The danger of many great earthquakes is the tsunami’s produced by the abrupt movement of large undersea land masses. The Alaska 9.2M tsunami killed 98 in Alaska, 11 as far away as California and 4 in Oregon.

Of the 28 major earthquakes that struck the U. S. over the last 200 years, 12 have been in Alaska, seven in California, three in Missouri, two in Nevada, and one each in South Carolina, Hawaii, Montana and Idaho.

Very large 9.0 subduction zone earthquakes produce great tsunami’s.  For example, the Sumatra December 26, 2004 9.1 magnitude event, the March 28, 1964 9.2 Alaska quake and the March 11, 2011 9.0 Japanese monster. The continual divergent (spreading) Mid-Atlantic tectonic plate puts unrelenting pressure on the subduction faults along the “Ring of Fire.” Subsequent large earthquakes are a given. It’s just a matter of where and when!  The west coast of North America, near Vancouver B.C. and Seattle Washington, is ready to “pop” since the last major quake in this region was in 1700, over 300 years ago!

In November 2013 we are on the edge of the abyss. The year 2014 is pivotal in world history.  Here are the periods of chaos and strife from now through January 2015. Use an orb of +/- two weeks on these dates: Dec-27-2013, Jan-31-2014, Feb-25-2014, Apr-20/21-2014, May-04-2014, May-26-2014, Jul-07-2014, Dec-14-2014 and Jan-02-2015. These dates mark hard aspects between slow-moving planets (including Uranian Planets). As I have said many times, April 2014 is particularly worrisome.  A note to investors, sell all equities and bonds by March 15, 2014.

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