Large Global Earthquakes by Moon Phase and Zodiac Sign.

November 7, 2013 Large Global Earthquakes by Moon Phase and Zodiac Sign: On November 2nd I posted this same graph, however, it was incorrect. I accidently used data from the randomly generated control group. The correct data shows a very different picture.

As you may remember, the eight traditional phases or periods are as follows: (1) Zero degrees (*) or the new Moon, (2) 45* or the Crescent Moon, (3) 90* – 1st Quarter, (4) 135* – Gibbons, (5) 180* – Full, (6) 225* – Disseminating, (7) 270* – 3rd Quarter and (8) 315* – Balsamic. This divides the 360 degree circle into 45 degree slices, called sesquisquares.

Again, several analysts have come to the conclusion that most large earthquakes occur during the New or Full Moon Phases. However, the new data discloses a very weak New and Full Moon in terms of the number of large quakes that occurred during each moon phase. The New Moon was 4th with662 quakes and the Full Moon was tied for 5th with 653, using the new data.

The 45* (degree) family was particularly strong. The 45* Crescent phase was the strongest with 747 quakes and the 315* Balsamic phase was 2nd strongest with 728. The Crescent phase is the waxing semi-square, while the Balsamic phase is the waning semi-square.

The semi-square phase was much stronger than the square. The 1st Quarter phase (waxing square) with 630 quakes and 3rd Quarter (waning square) phase with 653; were relatively weak phases. The 1st quarter phase was the weakest of all phases. I would have expected this to be very strong as the waxing square aspect represents conflicts, obstacles and stress.

Here is a graph of global quakes by astrological sign:

This graph produces nothing but questions. For example, why isn’t Aquarius stronger ruling Uranus, which rules earthquakes? Why is a Mutable Sign (Sg – Sagittarius) the strongest of all? Mutable signs do not represent immediate action like cadent signs. (Credits – USGS, Google and Solar Fire Gold v8).

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