Prepare for the Worst – Economic Chaos is Coming!

October 9, 2013 Prepare for the Worst – Economic Catastrophe is Coming: The U.S. Government shutdown and debt ceiling debacle is entering a critical time. The government will run out of money to pay its bills on October 17th, only eight days from now. So far, Wall Street assumes that cooler heads will prevail and the problem will be averted at the last minute. Don’t you believe it. Disaster, in the form of economic chaos, is around the corner. Here’s why.

We have a transiting Mars opposite Neptune aspect in affect, which is exact on October 19th. This perfectly describes the current situation. Mars rules action, energy and conflict while Neptune rules confusion, illusion and deception. The opposition aspect is a push/pull type of aspect. One side can’t come to terms with the other. There is conflict, tension and confusion in the air.

Further, there is a Lunar Eclipse on October 18th at 25 degrees Aries and 45 longitude minutes. Aries rules action, tension and conflict. Aries is the ruling sign of Mars. The Mars opposite Neptune aspect and the Lunar Eclipse in Aries produce a lot of Martian type energy. Mars and Aries rule war and that is what we are now seeing – a war between the Democrats and Republicans. The “front men” for these two warring camps is President Obama and Representative John Boehner. Harry Reid, a Senator from Nevada, is the Democratic “whip” and also a key player.

Additionally, we have a transiting Uranus square Pluto aspect exact on November 1st. Uranus rules sudden and unexpected events. The square aspect rules conflict and tension. Pluto rules Scorpio (see below).

Lastly, we have a total Solar Eclipse of the Sun on November 3rd. The eclipse will take place at 11* Scorpio and 16 longitude minutes. Scorpio, a fixed sign, is true to its convictions and set in its ways (read stubborn). Scorpio is ruled by energetic Mars and Pluto, the planet of intense desire. Scorpio is also a water sign, giving it an unstable, emotional nature with powerful feelings, emotions and a strong sense of purpose. The result is a very resentful, stubborn suspicious and jealous mind set being spread over participants in Washington D.C.

Mars opposite Neptune, the Lunar Eclipse in Aries, Uranus square Pluto and the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio combine to create a steel web of conflict, mistrust, confusion and stubbornness. At this critical time in Washington, this is a recipe for disaster.

Therefore, this beltway conflict will not be resolved and the U.S. will be plunged into a financial and economic death spiral from which it will not recover. The U.S. dollar will drop big time. The major stock market indices will plunge and Great Depression II will manifest across the planet. My advice is to buy put options on the E-Mini S&P 500. This is what I have done. Make sure they are out-of-the-money options. This will manifest as a million dollar trade. In other words, the problems in Washington D.C. could be your ticket to retirement. (Credits – Getty Images and Jim Maynard’s Pocket Astrologer. No guarantees are possible with investment capital – the risk of investment in put options, or any stock index, is entirely yours).

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