5,374 Gobal Earthquakes – – Distibution Graphs.

September 10, 2013 5,374 Global Earthquakes Data: I created a global earthquakes file, from USGS data, for the years 1973 to 2012. This database contains all earthquakes greater than or equal to magnitude 6.0. The file is 14,405 rows long and has 5,465 rows with earthquake data (quantity, magnitude, Power 10X and Strength 32X). During the Japan mega-quake, there are 42 items on the row dated March 11, 2011. Conversely, there are only 11 items on the row dated December 26, 2004. The Sumatra mega-quake and tsunami had much fewer smaller quakes than the Japan event, preceding and following the main shock.

Since the earthquake file has 5,465 rows of data and is 14,405 rows long; 8,940 rows have zero values. In other words, 62.1% of the date line items had no quakes >= 6.

Here is map of the world, with the equator marked by a red horizontal line, the dividing line between east and west longitude marked by a vertical orange line and the prime meridian (GMT, UTC or Zulu Time) marked by a green vertical line (Greenwich, England). All points north of the equator are north latitude and south of the equator are considered south latitude.

Below, is a graph distributing the 5,374 earthquakes by north and south latitude:

The majority of the south latitude quakes occurred in the southwest Pacific Ocean, Peru and Chile.

Here is a graph distributing the 5,374 global earthquakes by east and west longitude:

The heavy preponderance of quakes in the east occurred in the southwest Pacific Ocean, the Philippines, Japan, China, the Russian Kuril Island chain and the far eastern Russian Kamchatka Peninsula.

The graph below distributes the earthquakes by magnitude, from 6.0 to 9.1. The 9.1 was the December 26, 2004 Sumatra event; while the 9.0 was the Japanese event of March 11, 2011.

Lastly, the graph below shows those same earthquakes by year:

(Credits: Data – USGS, Graphs – W. G. Foster)

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