President Obama To Strike Sysria – A Forecast of Dangerous Times.

September 1, 2013 President Obama To Strike Syria: President Barack Obama will attack Syria on Monday, September 2nd, at between 1:58AM and 8:54AM. The strike will be setup by transiting Moon conjunct transiting Mars in Leo and triggered by transiting Moon in Leo square transiting Saturn in Scorpio.

A second strike will occur on Monday, September 9th, at between 7:06AM and 11:59AM. This strike is setup by transiting Mars in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio and triggered by transiting Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, square Mars in Leo.

A third set of setups and triggers occurs on September 15th and 16th with transiting Mercury in Virgo opposite Uranus in Aires on September 15th; followed by transiting Moon in Aquarius opposite Mars in Leo on September 16th. The nature of the planets involved suggests retaliation by the Assad regime in a sudden and unexpected manner (Uranus). Further it is forecast that much loss of life will occur, with fire and explosions involved (Aries).

The Middle East has always been the focal point for my worst fears coming true. The situation has been made worse by the crippling of the Egyptian State, which was the best friend the Israelis had in the region. Now all that surround the Zionists are enemies that want to throw her into the sea.

Unfortunately, Israel is armed with a vast quantity of nuclear weapons and the latest state-of-the-art hardware to launch them. Reaction to the Obama raid is hard to gage but I feel the situation will end badly.

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1 Response to President Obama To Strike Sysria – A Forecast of Dangerous Times.

  1. PuterMan says:

    The evil leader of the US regime would be well advised to refrain from an action for which he has little support from his own people or the rest of the world. Warmongering members of The Tribe such as John Kerry (Kohn) should not assume that because sarin gas was used that it came from Assad’s stockpile and should wait for the fabricated evidence to support his claims.

    Considering the information he is quoting came from one of the most unreliable sources in the world, Israeli defence forces (now there is a surprise), he should bide his time.

    I take great exception to the US regime trying to drag us all into a war we don’t want and have no right to wage, and I cannot condone any strike on Syria on the pretext of fabricated Mossad ‘evidence’ that is going to result in the deaths of hundreds or even thousands more civilians while, as usual, the regime leaders in the US sit around enjoying the good life with no detrimental effect upon themselves.

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