Asteroid’s Impact Still Central to Dinosaurs’ Extinction –

August 7, 2013 Asteroid Impact Killed Dinosaurs:  Above, a duckbill dinosaur at the Ulan Bator State Museum in MongoliaFor some 30 years, scientists have debated what sealed the fate of the dinosaurs. Was an asteroid impact more or less solely responsible for the catastrophic mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous geological period, 65 million years ago? Or were the dinosaurs already undergoing a long-term decline, and the asteroid was merely the coup de grâce?

What would a small asteroid impact in the Atlantic Ocean do to the seacoast populations!  Since a large majority of the world’s population live along the seacoast, it would kill billions in the U.S., Europe, West Africa, Latin America and Eastern South America.

However, I do not believe this will be the major problem.  For years my psychic connections have picked up “War in the Middle East” and major “Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis.”

What would a Krakatau event do to the World?  What would a tsunami greater than the Indonesian December 26, 2004 occurrence do!  What would a 9.4 magnitude earthquake do off the coast of Seattle and Vancouver do?

What would happen if Egypt or other Middle Eastern countries went to war with the Israel’s?  The Israelis have a significant stock pile of nukes and the means to deliver them – courtesy of the U.S. Military.  They would not go quietly into the night, I assure you.

  These are the type of events you should start imagining for they will occur.  When is the subject of future posts.  (Originally published May 8, 2012).

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Asteroid’s Impact Still Central to Dinosaurs’ Extinction –

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