Global Earthquakes by Sun and Moon Longitude Degree.

June 1, 2013 Global Earthquakes by Sun and Moon Longitude Degree: The graph, above, distributes 5,492 global earthquakes (>= 6.0 Magnitude from 1973 to 2013) by longitude degree.

For example, the 9th longitude degree (for all Zodiac degrees) saw low earthquakes for the Sun and high quakes for the Moon. The 19th degree saw the reverse, i.e., low quakes for the Moon and high for the Sun.

What is puzzling about this graph is that the Sun moves fairly evenly through the Zodiac at about one longitude degree per day. However, the quantity of earthquakes is NOT evenly distributed. The quantity of quakes per longitude degree for the Moon is also unevenly distributed. I would have expected much more evenly spread data, given the large sample size?

This graph can be used as a forecast tool. For example, today (June 1, 2013) the Sun is at 11*Gemini 09’ (11 degrees Gemini 9 minutes longitude). The Sun line on the graph shows an average number of quakes at 11* longitude. Therefore, I would expect an average number of global quakes for this day.

It is difficult to forecast using the Moon, since it travels much more quickly through the Zodiac. For example, on June 1st the Moon moved from 19*Pisces55’ to 2*Aries54’ (using GMT as the reference), which is about 13 degrees.

I, also, have this same data on all the planets, including their declination travel, which is movement north or south of the Celestial Equator (the Earths Equator projected into space). I believe a combination of the inner planets (Mercury to Mars) would lead to a much more accurate global quake forecast. Later this month I will attempt this. (Credits – Earthquake data from USGS, Graphics using MS Excel 2010).

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