The Future Earthquake Destruction of California.

May 11, 2013 The Future Earthquake Destruction of California: The picture above reflects 200 years of earthquake history for California (CA), Nevada and Northern Baja California, Mexico. Only earthquakes greater than or equal to 7.0 magnitude (M) were considered. This did not include several earthquakes that were very destructive, e.g., the Northridge quake of January 17, 1994. That earthquake was 6.7M and occurred one mile SSW of Northridge, CA; at a depth of 11 miles. Earthquakes in the 5.5 to 6.9M range can be very destructive if they occur close to a major metropolitan area and are shallow. Christchurch, NZ was another example of this phenomenon.

First, I’ll briefly review the 23 earthquakes (EQs) reflected on the above map. The numbers on the map correlate with the numbers below for each earthquake:

1. Dec. 8, 1812 – 7.0M – Wrightwood, San Juan Capistrano, CA:

Effects of the 1812 earthquake on the San Juan Capistrano Mission. Top: Sketch made in 1850. Bottom: Photograph taken in 1876 shows further damage from weathering and neglect. Kozak Collection, Earthquake Engineering Research Center, UC Berkeley.

‘2. December 21, 1812 – 7.1M – Santa Barbara, Ventura, CA:

La Purisima Concepcion. Mission buildings damaged by earthquake, fire, and exposure to the elements. Kozak Collection, Earthquake Engineering Research Center, UC Berkeley.

3. January 9, 1857 – 8.3M – Fort Tejon, CA:

Santa Cruz Mission in ruins. A sketch made one day after the earthquake. Kozak Collection, Earthquake Engineering Research Center, UC Berkeley.

4. March 26, 1872 – 8.5M – Owens Valley, CA:

Left: Courthouse at Independence. Right: Munzinger & Lubken’s Brewery in Lone Pine. Kozak Collection, Earthquake Engineering Research Center, UC Berkeley. This was the highest magnitude recorded of the 23 EQs listed.

‘5. February 23, 1892 – 7.4M – Imperial valley, CA; Mexicali, Mexico; and San Diego, CA:

No pictures available.

6. April 18, 1906 – 8.3M – San Francisco, CA:

View southwest from corner of Geary and Mason streets, San Francisco; April 20, 1906. From Earth Science Photographs from the U.S. Geological Survey Library, by Joseph K. McGregor and Carl Abston, U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Series DDS-21, 1995.

‘7. October 3, 1915 – 7.8M – Pleasant Valley, Nevada:

No pictures available.

8. January 31, 1922 – 7.6M – Northern CA:

No pictures available.

‘9. January 22, 1923 – 7.2M – Northern CA:

No pictures available.

’10. November 4, 1927 – 7.5M – West Lompoc, CA:

No pictures available.

’11. December 20, 1932 – 7.2M – Cedar Mountain, Nevada:

No pictures available.

’12. December 31, 1934 – 7.1M – Central Nevada:

No pictures available.

’13. May 19, 1940 – 7.1M – Mexico/California:

Air view of offset in rows of orange trees. Looking north. Earthquake Engineering Research Center, UC Berkeley.

’14. July 21, 1952 -7.7M – Kern County, CA:

Rear of building’s on Main Street, Tehachapi, California. Steinbrugge Collection, Earthquake Engineering Research Center, UC Berkeley.

’15. December 16, 1954 – 7.0M – Dixie Valley, Nevada:

No pictures available.

’16. November 8, 1980 – 7.0M – Northern Coast of California:

No pictures available.

’17. October 18, 1989 – 7.1M – Loma Prieta, CA (the World Series Earthquake):

Pancaked upper deck, Cypress viaduct. Guard rail at right is on lower deck. H.G. Wilshire, U.S. Geological Survey.

’18. April 25, 1992 – 7.1M – Humbolt Country, Ferndale, Petrolia, CA:

No pictures available.

’19. June 28, 1992 – 7.6M – Landers, California:

The surface rupture of the Landers earthquake tore across the pavement of Highway 247, showing strike-slip offset quite dramatically. SCEC Data Center.

’20. September 1, 1994 – 7.0M – Northern California:

No pictures available.

’21. October 16, 1999 – 7.1M – Ludlow, Landers, Twenty-nine-Palms, California:

No pictures available.

’22. June 15, 2005 – 7.2M – Off the Coast of Northern California:

No pictures available.

’23. April 4, 2012 – 7.2M – Baja California, Mexico:

Mexicali house damage.

Calexico, California city damage.

The Future: I do not expect a “complete” destruction of California until after 2013; probably 2014 or 2016. California’s fate is intertwined with that of the United States and the rest of the world. However, events leading up to the cataclysmic obliteration of the state will take place on a gradual ramping up of damage, destruction, ruin and annihilation. I will keep you posted as we progress towards the “Great Transformation.”

California Joined the Union on September 9, 1850. Looking at this horoscope, it is easy to see why California has so many earthquakes. The rulers of earthquakes and volcanoes (Uranus and Pluto) are conjunct within 15 minutes of longitude. Other “hard” aspects in the California horoscope indicate severe stress in San Francisco, the San Andréa’s Fault and Northern California.

Based upon transits, secondary progression and Solar Arc Directions to the California horoscope, the following times in 2013 are particularly stressful and hazardous.

1. By far the most dangerous month is October, 2013. Dates to watch are the 2nd, 4th, 13th and 29th; in terms of earthquake activity in California.

‘2. June 24th to 27th, 2013; are next in line for unfortunate events striking the “Golden” State.

‘3. San Francisco is under very difficult afflictions on June 24th, Sept. 25th, Oct. 2nd and Oct. 4th, 2013; with the first date being exceptionally prominent.

I will narrow down the dates, times, places and types of events as we progress through 2013.

(Credit – NOAA, USGS and citations under pictures)

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