Antarctic Glacier has five-story Blood-red Waterfall.

March 4, 2013 Antarctic Glacier Has Five-story Blood-red Waterfall of Primordial Ooze: There is a five-story, blood-red waterfall pouring slowly from the Taylor Glacier in Antarctica’s McMurdo Dry Valley.

Roughly 2 million years ago, the Taylor Glacier sealed beneath it a small body of water which contained an ancient community of microbes. Trapped below a thick layer of ice, they have remained there ever since, isolated inside a natural time capsule. Evolving independently of the rest of the living world, these microbes exist without heat, light, or oxygen, and are essentially the definition of “primordial ooze.” The trapped lake has very high salinity and is rich in iron, which gives the waterfall its red color. A fissure in the glacier allows the sub glacial lake to flow out, forming the falls without contaminating the ecosystem within.

One takeaway here is that life is possible in extreme conditions. That said, in the absence of ideal conditions, life can evolve without begetting plants or birds or cuddly mammals or sentient beings who write blogs on the internet; it just begets a glob of ooze.

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3 Responses to Antarctic Glacier has five-story Blood-red Waterfall.

  1. Jacquelyn Fedyk says:

    There are other colors as well. There is blue in the upper left hand of the picture. Who knows what else is trapped underneath Antarctica…. ooze! 😉

  2. Kajajuk says:

    But can life start in the extremes or is it established close to the ideal and creeped to the extremes?

  3. Kajajuk says:

    Life without Sun or Hydrothermal vents in an ice locked lake in Antarctica;

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