On Portugal Beach, Riding a Wave That Hits Like a Quake – NYTimes.com


February 25, 2013 The 100 Foot Waves of PortugalNAZARÉ, Portugal — The big ones typically come only once a year, in the winter. Whipped up by powerful storms in the North Atlantic, they roll for days toward Europe, rising to seemingly impossible heights before crashing on the shores of Praia do Norte, a beach along the Portuguese coast just north of this picturesque fishing town.

“It is like an earthquake,” said Pedro Pisco, a city hall administrator from this old fishing port, a few miles away from Praia do Norte. “When it breaks, you can feel the earth shaking under your feet.”

But thanks to a photo that electrified the world last month — showing a big-wave surfer named Garett McNamara setting a world record by streaking down the face of an estimated 100-foot breaker — the city is now busily trying to cash in on its moment of fame to promote itself and its now famous beach, Praia do Norte, as a pre-eminent big wave surfing spot.  Click the link below for the complete story.

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On Portugal Beach, Riding a Wave That Hits Like a Quake – NYTimes.com.

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