Another Powerful Earthquake Struck the Santa Cruz Islands.

February 8, 2013 Another Powerful Earthquake Struck the Santa Cruz Islands: Today’s quake is the 14th to strike the Santa Cruz/Solomon Islands region in the last eight days. The 8.0 magnitude (see red circle above) killed at least nine people and produced a five foot tsunami. Today’s quake probably did not produce a killer tsunami as it is very similar, as to size and location, as the 7.0 on Feb. 6, 2013 (see red circle). Update Feb-08-2013 8:55MA PST: Another powerful 7.0 earthquake at 3:26PM GMT in the Santa Cruz Islands – 7.0 at 10S latitude and 165E Longitude.

Here is a list of the 15 quakes to strike the Santa Cruz/Solomon Islands region over the last eight days:

Feb. 1 = 3 quakes: 6.2 – 6.3 – 6.4

Feb. 2 = 2 quakes: 6.9 – 6.1

Feb. 3 = 0

Feb. 4 = 0

Feb. 5 = 0

Feb. 6 = 6 quakes: 6.3 – 8.0 – 6.4 – 6.4 – 6.6 – 6.3 – 6.0

Feb. 7 = 3 quakes: 6.2 – 6.1 – 6.6

Feb. 8 = 1 quake: 7.1 – 7.0

Based on an astrological analysis of these earthquakes, the following dates are potential days for a catastrophic 8.5 to 9.3 magnitude monster event:

Feb. 9 – New Moon in Aquarius – Mercury square Jupiter

Feb. 10 – Mars square Jupiter and Venus square Saturn

Feb. 14/15 – Historical analysis of Sun square Saturn

Feb. 25 – Full Moon in VirgoSun square Jupiter

Mar. 4/5: New Moon in Pisces – Mars into Aries

Mar. 20: Sun into Aries

Mar. 22: Mars conjunct Uranus

Mar. 26: Mars square Pluto

Mar. 31: Venus square Pluto – Sun square Pluto

Biggest probability: Feb. 14/15 – Mar. 4/5 – Mar. 20 – Mar. 22 – Mar. 26

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4 Responses to Another Powerful Earthquake Struck the Santa Cruz Islands.

  1. Kajajuk says:

    There is definitely something going on around the margin in the South Pacific.
    This site indicates a swarm of four M7.0 earthquakes IN THE SAME MINUTE – about 40 minutes ago. It also denotes a swarm of EQ along the coast of New Zealand, albeit at a much lower magnitude. If you zoom into the Solomon area, with the above link, you can see what looks like a minor line of EQ perpendicular to the subduction zone. It appears that the Australian plate is making a move in the South Pacific!
    Intuitively, i am worried of a large quake around Samoa.

    • wfoster2011 says:

      The web-site you went to is NOT accurate. I get the USGS feed too. Go here and see for yourself:
      For example, the 7.1 I reported on for earlier today has been reclassified to a 6.8. This is command as the USGS receives more data. The final number will not be settled upon for two months or so. When recording earthquakes, one has to be very carefull to look at the magnitude, latitude, longitude and time – to ensure no double counting. I tried to contact the site you referenced but could not find a link.
      Rest assured that, other than some minor magnitude adjustments, I give you an accurate picture of what’s going on. That being said, I do agree with your statement about there is some major movement in plates. As I posted we could be in for a really big earthquake – >= 9.0.
      Lastly, I predicted this earthquake swarm in late January-2013. See my post on the subject.

      • Kajajuk says:

        Thank you for your response.
        I checked the link and it is quite different from the site i was looking at. The USGS seems much more credible and does not show the line of minor earthquakes (that got me worried) nor does it show the dramatic swarm along the margin of New Zealand.
        The link i cited in now deleted from my bookmarks.

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