Global Earthquake Prediction for February 2013.

January 31, 2013 Global Earthquake Predictions for February 2013:  Based on research using a 15,000 line database of global quakes >= 6.0 magnitude from January 1, 1973 through January 31, 2013, the charts above were prepared. Note: Updated Jan-31-2013 – 7:51PM PST (10:51 EST) – changed 70 South to 10 South. Note #2: Jan-31-2013 – 11:13PM PST (2:13AM – Feb-01 – EST) – A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Santa Cruz Islands on Feb-01 at 5:36AM – This quake was 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Lata, Solomon Islands at 11 south latitude and 165 east longitude. FORECAST additional stronger earthquakes (7.5 to 7.7 magnitude) for Feb-01 at 9:57AM (+/- 8 min.) and/or 3:32PM (+/- 5 min.) – both GMT (UTC) Note # 3 – Feb-01-2013 – 3:55PM PST (6:55 EST) – A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck The Solomon Islands at 10 South Latitude, 165 East Longitude at 10:16PM GMT (UTC) – 47 kilometers (29 miles) WSW of Lata, Solomon Islands. *** Forecast was correct in that there was a quake in the morning and afternoon of Feb-01 in the Solomon Islands Region – although not exactly at the time stated and not at the magnitude stated.  This should draw your attention to the devasting quakes projected for Santiago, Chile later in the month (see below). Update Feb-18-2013 – This did not happen – Instead we had one 6.7 magnitude quake in Eastern Siberia, Russia.

The top graph reflects the number of quakes projected, >= 6.0 magnitude by day, from Feb-1-2013 to Mar-1-2013. As you can see, Feb-15 is a big day, with a total of seven earthquakes forecast. Feb-11, Feb-14, Feb-28 and Mar-1 all have two quakes forecast.

The bottom graph shows the power of those forecast earthquakes. For example, the quake projected for tomorrow will be very strong, between 7.5 and 7.7 magnitude. This quake will occur at 10 South Latitude and 160 East Longitude, which is approximately 460 kilometers (270 miles) southeast of Gizo, Solomon Islands or 2,060 kilometers (1,260 miles) NNE of Brisbane, Australia.

Notice the difference between Feb-14/15 on the top quantity graph versus the bottom power graph. Feb-14 will have much stronger earthquakes than on Feb-15, even though two quakes are projected for Feb-14 and seven for Feb-15.

It is my contention that ALL nine of these earthquakes will take place in the same area as follows (the Santiago, Chile Region):

These 9 projected earthquakes, 2 on Feb-14 and 7 on Feb-15-2013 will all occur in the “Earthquake Arc” shown above. The earthquakes will occur in this sequence and time (M = Magnitude):

7.0M – Feb-14 – 9:05AM +/– 8 Min.

7.8M – Feb-14 – 2:40PM +/- 5 Min.

Four 6.0 to 6.3M – Feb-15 – Before 8:53AM

One 6.6M – Feb-15 – 9:01AM +/- 8 Min.

One 6.2M – Feb-15, between 9:09AM and 2:28PM

One 6.7M – Feb-15 – 2:36PM +/- 5 Min.

The potential for substantial property damage and loss of life is present for the Santiago, Chile earthquakes. The Solomon Islands proposed quake has the potential for a moderately strong tsunami.

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  1. PuterMan says:

    “70 South Latitude and 160 East Longitude”

    Isn’t that somewhere in Antarctica Bill? Did you mean 7 South, or more likely 10 South to get somewhere close to the description?

  2. nomade51 says:

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    We will know more at the end of the month……?!!

  3. Bill – Thanks for following our blog.
    This is interesting material and we will follow this closely. Living in Ecuador, I expect we will feel and/or be affected by some of these “tremblors”. We will let you know what we see and feel here.

  4. Kavita Joshi says:

    thanks for sharing this..although I hope I get to see the world before any disaster just in case….thanks for visiting my blog…

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