A Documented Tsunami of 1,722 feet (525 meters)!

January 10, 2013 The Documented 1,722 Foot Tsunami: The 823 tsunamis, which I downloaded from the NOAA website, have various categories. One of those categories is maximum wave height in meters, which I converted to feet. I do a minimum and maximum value for each column. The maximum value for tsunami wave height was 1,722 feet; which I found difficult to believe, however, it was true. Below, is a comparison of the 1,722 foot (525 meters) wave height to various tall buildings in the United States:

On July 10, 1958; southeastern Alaska was hit by an 8.2 magnitude earthquake. This great quake created a landslide that generated a 1,722 foot tsunami, as measured by scientists on the scene. The tsunami occurred in Lituya Bay, Alaska. Below, is a map of the bay, including the fault line that created the quake, and other parts of Alaska:

Here is a direct link to the NOAA website:

NOAA Global Tsunami Database – 2000 B.C. to 2013

Australian Geographic – 10 Most Destructive Tsunami of all time

Here is a link to eye-witness accounts of that terrible day:

Alaska 1,722 Foot Monster Tsunami of July 10, 1958

Scientists were able to measure the exact height of the wave, from damage on the adjacent mountain tree line. Below, is a model of the landslide and subsequent tsunami:

Huge tsunamis are not only possible but have occurred in the past. Imagine how big a tsunami would be if a meteor struck the ocean! The results to the major cities on the coast would be catastrophic.

However, huge tsunamis are possible without space objects striking the ocean. Earthquakes, volcanoes and/or Landslides are capable of producing tsunamis of immense size as follows: Japan 3/11/11 (128’), Sumatra 12/26/04 (167’), Krakatau 8/27/1883 (115’), Prince William Sound, Alaska 3/28/64 (220’). Lituya Bay, Alaska has seen other large tsunamis as follows: 10/27/1936 (490’), 9/10/1899 (200’), 1853 (394’), and 4/28/1771 (280’). Tsunamis are one of the most devastating natural disasters, as brought home to the world by the well documented Japanese mega-quake and tsunami of last year.

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