Lunar Eclipse Visability and Interpretation.

November 21, 2012 Lunar Eclipse Visability and Interpretation: Their will be a Partial (Penumbral) Lunar Eclipse on November 28, 2012 at 9:46AM EST, 8:46AM CST, 7:46AM MST and 6:46AM PST. The eclipse will occur at 6* Gemini 47’ (see astrological chart below).

The visibility of the eclipse is shown above. In the United States the eclipse will occur at Moon set. This will occur at 9:35AM EST, 8:35AM CST, 7:35AM MST and 6:35AM PST. For most people in the U.S. some of the eclipse will be visible except on the East Coast (see shaded area in the chart above).

Since Gemini is a “duel sign” in that it represents Gemini The Twins, we may expect dual or double earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the two-week period from November 28th to December 13th. Earthquake and volcanic possibilities are strongest on December 2nd (Sun opposite Jupiter) and December 6th (3rd Quarter Moon).

The following graphic from NASA depicts the Partial Lunar Eclipse:

An eclipse by sign carries a message for the world. Here is the astrological chart for the Eclipse, set for New York (EST):

The zodiac sign of an eclipse is highly symbolic of the nature of events coming due. Thus, over the two-week period (Nov. 28 to Dec. 13) expect areas ruled by Gemini keywords to be in the news. This would include children, young people and messengers. Keywords include communication, expression, adaptability, perception, alertness, thought, skill and dexterity. The ruler of the Moon sign Scorpio (Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is in Scorpio) would bring the following people and keywords into play over the next two weeks. Some of the people signified include: groups, organizations, spiritual leader, gangster and monopoly. Traditional keywords include regeneration, mutation, transformation, integration, coercion, inversion, annihilation domination and alteration.

If this eclipse occurs within three degrees of any planets in your natal chart, expect that area of your chart to be activated. Events will manifest according to the keywords of the planets hit and the house those planets are in.

For example, if Saturn is hit then people ruled by that planet and the house Saturn occupies will be predominate. This would include older males in authority, older people, statesmen, administrators and teachers. If Saturn is located in the third house then 3rd house issues such as mental activity, expression, short trips and brother and sisters would predominate.

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