God of Death and Chaos Arises

July 30, 2012 – – Chaos Will Sweep Away the World we Know: Chaos and death will spread from the slaughter in Syria, the “Arab Spring” to other nations. The Arab Spring will morph into the Arab Summer and spread across the Middle East. Israel, cut-off from her former ally Egypt, will “swim in a lonely sea” of enemies – all of which have pledged to eradicate her. With billions of dollars in U.S. support yearly, including the latest weapons and technology; she will not go quietly into the night without a nuclear fight.

The future is fraught with potential problems, however, none is bigger than the Middle Eastern Gordian knot. A Palestine State is not on Israel’s agenda. We are quickly approaching the time of reckoning, when something’s got to give. The Gods of death, chaos and war are eminent and the outcome is unpredictable but problematic to say the least.

The end result will be a world that will live in harmony and oneness. To arrive at this state will require purging the dross from society and diverting world greed, power and control to love and truth, joy and bliss and mercy and grace. This “conversion” will result in a signficant population reduction through war, famine, pestilence and disease. The Four horseman of the Apocalypse will ride once again. May God be with you!
The Master of Disaster

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