At Deaths Door – – U.S. Will NEVER Leave the Middle East

July 27, 2012 The U.S. will never leave Afghanistan or Iraq, regardless of what they say: You heard it here first. Why won’t they leave? Because Afghanistan has huge quantities of rare earth metals and the U.S. does not. China has a large quantity of rare earth metals and the U.S. doesn NOT want to be dependant on China.  The graph, below, only goes through the year 2000; however, the situation has only gotten worse.

 Iraq has the Crude Oil that greases the economic skids of our economy. The government may come up with some shame and scam about drawing down troops but it’s leaving a shell cadre in Iraq and a very large force in Afghanistan. The U.S. will always have major forces in the Middle East to protect its crude oil supply.

With millions dead in countless revolutions, rebellions and insurrections of one type or another; the U.S. only intervenes IF their financial and/or economic interests are threatened. The rich and powerful run this country and always will. The poor working stiff is getting poorer by the minuet as bonus’ swell by the millions on Wall Street.
 The U.S. military will pile up corpses on death’s door to protect the minerals and oil. I retired from the U.S. Army (5th Battalion, 69th Armored Regiment, 8th Infantry Division) as a commissioned officer and I know that the mentality is do as you’re told and kill, kill, kill. That’s what I was taught! The military soldier is taught how to kill. That’s what I was taught and that’s what they’re still teaching. Additionally, when you join the military, one of the fist things they tell you is that you are no longer under civil jurisdiction, but under military jurisdiction. That means they can do anything they want and if you don’t obey orders instantly, you’ll be thrown into the brig. Trials are all by military officers. I know, I was on several court martial’s and told how to vote by my superiors.
What this all means is that the corpses will continue to pile up by the “professional” solder and lives (at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level) will continue to be lost. More and more people are joining the military as there are no jobs to speak of. Here in Nevada, where I live, there are 100 applicants for each open position; or more. 

Good luck, and my God guide us in these difficult times!
The Master of Disaster

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