Global and United States Earthquake Statistics.

July 1, 2012 Global and U.S. Earthquake Statistics: The following graphs are based on USGS data and reflect the number of Global and United States earthquakes, with a magnitude greater than or equal to (>=) 5.0. Note the exponential trend lines (yellow), projected two periods out (2012 and 2013). According to this trend line, Global earthquakes are on the increase; while U.S. quakes are less so.

The graph below shows the number of Global earthquakes by year, magnitude and depth in kilometers:

Notice the shallow (< 30 kilometers), big (> = 9.0 Magnitude) and destructive mega-quakes and tsunamis on December 26, 2004 (Sumatra) and March 11, 2011 (Japan).

For the three years shown above, calendar year 2010 was very deadly with 320,120 deaths.

Of the ten years shown above, 2004 was devastating and tragic. That was the year of the Sumatra, Indonesia quake and massive tsunami.

For the ten-year period above, 1990 saw no great earthquakes (>= 8.0 Magnitude); however the large quakes that did occur were shallow and close to population centers.

The 1980’s was significant in that no one year stood out (may 1988), however, almost all years had a high death rate. (Credits – Data: USGS Graphs: Top two – W. G. Foster, All Others – USGS, Narrative – W. G. Foster).

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2 Responses to Global and United States Earthquake Statistics.

  1. PuterMan says:

    I kind of feel you are not being fair here Bill 🙂

    If we take 2007 for example that did indeed have a very high count of earthquakes you will see if you look at my Earthquake Analysis 2011 that it was one of the lower years in terms of energy output. If you look at the third chart you can see the relationship of energy to numbers for the decade.

    Similarly in 2011 the ‘Big One’ in Japan totally skewed the figures. The majority of areas actually saw a decrease in numbers and energy. The 4th chart in that report shows what the figures would have been without the Honshu area. The total count goes from 2508 to 1750 but more importantly the energy goes from 3030 Petajoules to 153 Petajoules!

    Because the US figures do not have anything like Banda Aceh or Tohoku to skew the figures every now and again you are bound to see a difference in the trend lines.

    I would not like to be held to this but 2012 far from being higher in numbers than 2011, as is suggested by your trends, will actually be considerably lower.

    My estimate would be no more Mag 8 or 9 quakes, a total of 16 or 17 Mag 7 in the year and ~130 Mag 6 in the year. I am estimating the energy output as around 800 Petajoules for the year. Currently we are on 675 or so 627 of which is accounted for by the 2 Mag 8+ in April.

    There you are, set in concrete for you to laugh at after the year end if I am way out!

    • wfoster2011 says:

      I never laugh at your posts David. They are always well thought out, concise and thoroughly documented. I appreciate the input from you. However, I’ll bet you on 2012 – we have at least two Mag 8’s and one Mag 9 – in 2012. My analysis is based on the fact that their are two trainsiting Uranus square transiting Pluto aspects in this year. Time will tell how this friendly bet turns out. Keep up the outstanding posts.

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