40 Years of Lunar Eclipses and Global Earthquakes.

June 4, 2012 – Lunar Eclipses and Global Earthquakes: The graphs above reflect 40 years of Lunar Eclipses and cumulative earthquakes occurring 15 days before (-), the exact eclipse day (‘0) and 15 days after (+) the event. The top graph shows quantity and the bottom graph shows a 10X Power rating.
For example, today is a Partial Lunar Eclipse at 14* Sagittarius 14′; at 7:12AM EDT (4:12AM PDT). The graph shows that the number of earthquakes peaks the day after the eclipse (‘+1), and three days after (‘+3) and 15 days after (+15). The fifteenth day after included the 8.5 magnitude Indonesian quake on September 12, 2007.
To construct the graph, I looked at 90 Lunar Eclipses, from 1973 to 2012, and totaled the number of earthquakes; their magnitudes, their Power 10X rating and their Strength 32X value. The USGS rates earthquakes on at least three critical values: (1) The familiar magnitude number as measured by seismograph, (2) An exponential Power 10X rating, and (3) An exponential Strength 32X value. The 10X rating reflects an increase of 10 from one increment on the scale. For example, an 8.0 magnitude quake is ten times stronger than a 7.0 quake. The 32X value reflects an increase of 32 from one increment on the scale. It is this 32X value that is the best number, in terms of showing the real power and destructive ability of an earthquake. I use the more familiar 10X scale because they are more clearly graphed. In other words, the graph above would have a huge value for day +15, instead of 630; and would be harder to read.
Judging from the graph above, we can expect to have more earthquakes tomorrow (June 5th), than we did today; based solely on the Lunar Eclipse chart.
The next research project I want to undertake, is comparing the duration of a Lunar Eclipse to the number of earthquakes before and after that eclipse. In other words, are longer total Lunar Eclipses stronger; in terms of the number of earthquakes, than shorter duration eclipses or those that are only partial eclipses – like today’s event?
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  2. wfoster2011 says:

    I performed a correlation analysis for two groups, within the 90 Lunar Eclipses: (1) Total and (2) Partial. I measured the duration in minutes against the quantity of earthquakes and the 10X Power of those quakes. Summary: Their is no correlation between duration and Qty or 10X. Specifically, the correlation between duration in minutes and Qty for total was r% = +6.48%, duration for total and 10X Power r% = +14.18%, Partial min. duration & Qty r% = -3.57 and partial duration in minutes and 10X Power, r% = -8.05%. No correlation at all.
    Bill Foster

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