Yesterday’s 4.3 Magnitude Hawaiian Earthquake Near Volcano.

February 25, 2012 – Yesterday’s 4.3 Magnitude Hawaiian Earthquake: The earthquake yesterday, on the “Big Island” of Hawaii, hit at a depth of 6.4 kilometers (4 miles), and occurred at 3:52AM local time. It was 8:52AM in New York, 7:52AM in Chicago, 6:52AM in Denver and 5:52AM in Los Angeles. Although the earthquake occurred next to Kilauea, I do not believe this reflects the real danger, relative to the Hawaiian Islands.
The world-wide danger of the Hawaiian Islands is for large landslides, some of which I’ve marked on the map above with curved orange arrows. Their are also historically large undersea landslides that have occurred on the North side of the Hawaiian Islands, which I have not marked.
The orange dashed line marks a potentially catastrophic area on the east coast of the Big Island, with the dashed red arrow pointing in the direct this undersea landslide would travel.
The problem with these landslides is that they are massive, since the water depth is at least 20,000 feet in the deep Pacific Ocean surrounding the Islands. For example, scientists have traced a unimaginably enormous tsunami in Australia to an ancient huge Hawaiian Islands landslide. This ancient tsunami was estimated to be 3,000 feet high! If the greater half of the eastern portion of the Big Island were to fall into the sea, it would generate a tsunami of 3,000 feet high along the west coast of the United States, and along Canada and Mexico. This event would produce a calamity of biblical proportions and would kill 50 million people and completely eradicate Acapulco, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and other cities along the west coast of North America.
My point here is that extremely large tsunamis are not always produced by large off-shore earthquakes. Undersea landslides and ocean meteor strikes are but two other examples of natures wrath unleashed. The 1,700 foot historical tsunami in Alaska is another example, I posted on several months ago.
Yesterdays small earthquake was five miles southwest of Volcano, HI; 12 miles WSW of Fern Forest, 13 miles WSW of Mountain View (see map), 24 miles southwest of Hilo and 208 miles southeast of Honolulu. (Credits: Earthquake data – USGS, Map – USGS and Google Maps, Historical Hawaiian landslide data – Google)
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5 Responses to Yesterday’s 4.3 Magnitude Hawaiian Earthquake Near Volcano.

  1. I can not even fathom the damage it must have done. Thanks

    • wfoster2011 says:

      The 3,000 foot Australian tsunami was a long time ago, however, the 1,700 foot Alaskan tsunami was relatively recent (see my post on this event). The event must have been hard to fathom alright. The highest tsunami in the Dec. 26, 2004 Sumatra quake was 115 feet. Compare that to 3,000 feet!.

      • It is literally mind boggling and we see so many natural disasters happening. How much can we tinker with nature before we get it?

        • wfoster2011 says:

          Good point. Under one concept, the earth is a living entity and, IMHO, it’s pissed. Therefore, “nature” is going to “rock our world” to get our attention and repair some of the damage we’ve done to our home planet. It’s going to get ugly!

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