Global Eartquakes and Mars/Jupiter Aspects (Angles).

February 17, 2012 – Global Earthquakes and Mars/Jupiter Aspects (Angles): They say that one answer in research opens up ten additional questions. I’ve certainly found that to be true in disaster research.

I downloaded 5,329 earthquakes, between Jan. 1, 1973 and February 16, 2012 with a magnitude greater than or equal to (>=) 6.0. I measured the quantity and power of the earthquakes that occurred ten days before and after the exact Mars/Jupiter conjunction and opposition and graphed the results above.

The left axis (Y) are the quantity of earthquakes, whiles the numbers at the bottom (X axis) are the number of days before and after the exact aspect took place. The blue lines are the Mars opposite Jupiter results, while the red lines are the Mars conjunct Jupiter results. For example, looking at the top graph; two days before the exact aspect there were 14 earthquakes that occurred for the Mars/Jupiter opposition pair, but only four for the Mars/Jupiter conjunction pair.

The bottom graph measures those earthquakes, during the same time period, only from a power 10X rating versus a quantity (number of EQs) basis. The power 10X rating is the ten based exponential seismograph measure where a 7 versus a 6 magnitude quake is 10 times as strong, while a 7 versus 5 magnitude quake is 100 times stronger (10 X 10 = 100). For example, looking at the bottom graph; two days before the exact aspect those same 14 earthquakes that occurred for the Mar/Jupiter opposition pair, had a power 10X rating of 34, but only had a seven power rating.

There is something strange going on here and it’s not “Ghost Busters.” On the day the aspects were exact, both the quantity of quakes and their power rating are almost identical. On the bottom Power 10X graph, three days after the exact aspect, both the conjunction and opposition are almost identical (from 0 to -6 this is also true).

Now, look at the graphs for +8 days before exact. There were 14 quakes for the opposition, but only five for the conjunction in terms of quantity. However, the Power 10X rating was huge at 214. Looking back at the data, there were 3 earthquake +8 days June 1, 1994. Further details disclose that this data was made up of three quakes of 8.2M, 6.1M and 6.2M. The 8.2M quake was in Bolivia at a depth of 631 kilometers (392 miles) and was felt from Argentina to Canada because of the depth. Three people were killed during that earthquake. The 6.1M was an aftershock of the 8.2 quake, 42 minutes later in the same location at a depth of 650 kilometers (425 miles). These two quakes accounted for 75% of the spike in the bottom Power 10X graph of 214.

Another interesting thing I noticed was the relationship to planets either direct or retrograde (appear to be moving backwards from a Geocentric perspective). The strength was cut in half, when both Mars and Jupiter were moving retrograde. The strongest case was Mars direct and Jupiter retrograde, because the beneficial Jupiter is weaken by being retrograde. Both planets direct was just behind Mars direct and Jupiter retrograde case. I would have expected the “both planets direct” case to be the strongest since the conjunction is stronger than the opposition.

I am in the process of measuring the quantity and strength of earthquakes for the 21 pairs of Mars to the North Node, for six aspects: (1) Conjunction, (2) Opposition, (3) Waxing Trine, (4) Waning Trine, (5) Waxing Square and (6) Waning Square. That’s a total of 126 cases (21 pairs X 6 aspects = 126). I’ll keep you posted on progress.

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3 Responses to Global Eartquakes and Mars/Jupiter Aspects (Angles).

  1. PuterMan says:

    Oh wow, you have just saved me a barrel load of work!!!

    I was intending to look at this. My current thoughts are that because of this 2012 will end up as quieter than 2011 in terms of total energy release. I have noticed a 55 to 60 year cycle in major earthquakes and believe that with Banda Aceh and Japan we have just passed over the top and are on the downward into a quirt period like the 1980s after Chile in 1960. The Jupiter/Saturn alignment may be superimposed on top of this one.

    Jupiter/Saturn also controls our climate and is the reason why we are heading for a cold period for the next ~30 years or so.

    Good work!

  2. wfoster2011 says:

    That is a very deep and controversial subject. I tend to believe that because of the coming two transiting Uranus square transiting Pluto aspects in 2012, that it may not be as quiet as one might assume. Also, around July 17 and 18, 2012; we have Mars making a “T” square with Uranus and Pluto on a New Moon in Cancer. Then we have the two eclipses, especially the May 20, 2012 one, which runs right through Tokyo (see my post on this please).
    As far as weather astrology, I think it’s more than Jupiter and Saturn (although the “Great Chronologers” are very important) the 7 transiting Uranus in Aries (hot) square Pluto in Capricorn (cold) are going to make it very cold and dry, with alternating sudden and unexpected (Uranus) periods of heat (Aries).
    I do agree that we are headed for a cold period, although from extensive volcanic activity, which you could say is caused by the transiting aspects of the slow moving planets.
    That’s were the title of my blog comes from, “Chaos Sweeps Away the World we know.” With Pluto it’s going to be a great transfomation, with all the things Pluto represents, i.e., hidden things coming out into the open, transformations, etc.
    It should be an interesting time between 2012 and 2020. Additional cycle work I’ve done (and posted on) show a peak in the good times around 2013 and then a plunge into the abysss of Alice’s rabbit hole until about 2019 or 2020.

  3. Lunesoleil says:

    Thank you to follow me on Likedin without it I would have ignored your talents of astrologer, thank you for these exciting articles 🙂

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