The Sun in the 12 Signs of the Zodiac and 346 Global Earthquakes.

November 4, 2011 – The Sun in the 12 Signs of The Zodiac and Global Earthquakes: I downloaded 346 global earthquakes, between 1973 and 2011, with a magnitude greater than or equal to 7.0M. I recorded the Zodiac sign the Sun was in at the exact time of the 346 earthquakes. The results are shown in the graph above.
The average per sign is 28.8 (346 earthquakes divided by 12 signs = 28.83). In other words, on average each sign would have a bar graph height of 28.8, rounded to 29 per sign. Clearly, that is not what the data reflect; with a high of 39 in Libra (Lib.) and a low of 21 in Aquarius (Aqur). This is rather puzzling with such a large sample. In fact the high in Libra, of 39 earthquakes, is more than two standard deviations away from the mean (average of 28.83). This is greater than 95% on a normal distribution curve. While not as statistically significant, the 21 for Aquarius is below the mean (average) by 8 (29 – 21 = 8). Something else is at work here and I do not know what it is.
From a practical standpoint, you’re safer from large earthquakes when the Sun is in Aquarius (from about January 20th to February 18th); while the reverse is true when the Sun is in Libra (from about September 23rd to October 22nd).
Another interesting observation is that their seems to be some kind of correlation between the number of earthquakes and the Rulership signs of the Sun. In other words, when the Sun was in it’s ruler of Leo 33 earthquakes occurred (the 2nd highest total of the 12 signs). The Sun in it’s Detriment of Aquarius saw the lowest number of earthquakes at 21. The Sun in it’s Exaltation sign of Aries saw 23 earthquakes (2nd lowest) and the Sun in it’ Fall sign of Libra saw 39 (the highest number).
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2 Responses to The Sun in the 12 Signs of the Zodiac and 346 Global Earthquakes.

  1. Charlee Elliott says:

    The period you are examining begins with slow moving Uranus and Pluto in Libra. Pluto doesn’t finally vacate Libra until 8/84. Also four of the Trans-Neptunians move through Libra during the same time frame: Cupido, Zeus, Apollon and Poisidon.

    My question would be, where was the Sun in Libra in relation to Uranus, Pluto and the Trans-Neptunians during this time period? And does earthquake frequency differ before and after 8/84?

  2. wfoster2011 says:

    Clearly, the process of earthquake generation is a complex one. The Sun in Signs chart is somewhat out of context. It is only meant to illustrate one, very small variable, in an almost infinite set of variables; in terms of why and when earthquakes occur. I am attempting, through extensive scientific research, to determine what causes earthquakes, and to predict when, where and at what depth they will take place. I will post the results of my research on this blog. After years of EQ research, I can say (without reservation) that the Trans-Neptunian Planets are part of the equation.
    I sent you a separate chart of large earthquakes by email. If anyone else would like this chart, please email me at It is simply too big to post.
    William G. Foster
    AKA: The Master of Disaster

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