Gold Closes at $1,900 an Ounce.

August 22, 2011 – Gold Closes at $1,900 an Ounce: Gold skyrockets almost $50 an ounce in one day! I have repeatedly predicted gold will reach $2,000 an ounce by September 22, 2011. If it continues on its current course, it will be there by the day after tomorrow! Gold as surged over 28% since early July, 2011. For 4,000 years gold has represented money. With trillion-dollar deficits in Washington D.C. and nothing but “Red Ink” into the foreseeable future, gold has become the safe haven investment of choice from a falling dollar and a U.S. economy that gets worse by the day. The “recovery” was a shame. Their never was a recovery, only the illusion of a recovery because of a rising stock market; brought on by the money printing D.C. gang. After the last two weeks of the stock market hammering, all allusions have vanished. Now it’s the “double dip” recession. Double dip, we never were out of a recession? The situation is dire, with high unemployment, falling home prices, stocks ready to fall of a cliff and a do nothing government in D.C. It’s onward toward Great Depression II!
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