Earthquake Power by Astrology Sign for CY’00 to BY’11.

August 13, 2011 – – Earthquake Power by Astrology Sign for CY’00 to CY’11: There were 178 global earthquakes between 2000 and August 13, 2011. These ranged in magnitude from 7.0M to 9.1M. The March 11, 2011 Japan and December 26, 2004 Sumatra quakes were catastrophic, in terms of deaths and damage.

The chart above reflects a modified power rating for those 178 quakes by astrological Sign, Element and Mode. The sign reflects where the Sun was. My sign is Aquarius (Aq above), because the Sun was in Aquarius when I was born. The Elements and Modes will mean more to you astrological buffs. From a cosmology perspective, the Elements represent the vital forces that make up creation, held together by an Etheric Web. The Modes reflect types of action with Cardinal being initiating, Fixed being persisting and Mutable being alternating or flexible.

Many astrologers maintain that more earthquakes transpire during “Fixed Sign” periods. This is clearly not the case, with the “Mode Chart” showing that the fixed sign power was the lowest. Others astrologers uphold that Taurus and Scorpio are times of earthquakes. The evidence does not support this statement with Taurus having the lowest power rating.

The magnitude scale compares amplitudes of waves on a seismograph, not the STRENGTH (energy) of the quakes. Consequently, a magnitude 8.7 is 794 times bigger than a 5.8M quake as measured on seismographs, but the 8.7M quake is about 23,000 times STRONGER than the 5.8M, as measured by its intensity rating. Since it is the energy or strength that knocks downs buildings, the intensity rating is really the more important number. However, the general public is use to the magnitude rating of earthquakes. Therefore, that is what is broadcasted on the news and the more widely disseminated number. The “Modified Power Rating,” in the charts above, attempts to compensate for this difference.

Earthquake destructiveness is based upon a number of determinants. Generally deep earthquakes are felt over a wider area, but do less damage over its seismic epicenter. Shallow relatively weak earthquakes, that take place exactly under populated areas, can be very destructive as shown by the Christchurch, New Zealand; February 22, 2011 6.3 Magnitude quake. The worst of both worlds is a strong shallow earthquake that takes place directly under a populated area.

The tsunami generated by the earthquake, usually is worst that the quake itself, in terms of death and damage. This was clearly shown by the December 26, 2004 Sumatra and March 11, 2011 Japan quakes. The other earthquake fear is fire, as shown by the April 18, 1906 San Francisco quake and the Northridge earthquake of January 17, 1994. Flooding can also be a problem as water mains are broken, which can also cause low water pressure for fire suppression. Many other natural disasters give some warning, unlike earthquakes, which strike suddenly and without warning. Where and when will the next “Big One” strike!

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