August 2011 – The Month that will live in Infamy!

August 6, 2011 – – August, The Month that will live in Infamy: Typhoons, DJIA down 512 points in one day, 66 years after the Atomic Bomb and 1,142 Years of Earthquakes Analyzed! What a month it’s and been and going to be, just wait and see.

Weather Disturbances: From the chart above, you can clearly see that the peak day for Hurricanes is September 1st. This data was culled from a database of 150 years by NOAA. I’ve marked August 6th with a vertical red line. You can clearly see that Hurricanes are on the increase. Current Situation: Category I Typhoon Muifa is off the east coast of Shanghai, much further than expected, and will spare the mega city from the worst of it. Merbok, in the Mid-Pacific, will be a category I Typhoon through August 8th; however, it is still not threatening land. Tropical Storm Eugene, with 40 MPH sustained winds, is “dying” harmlessly in the southeast Pacific. Sub-Tropical Storm Emily is reforming in the Caribbean. I expect Emily to come back to life and be much stronger than expected.

U.S. Stocks: After a stunning 512 point drop on the DOW August 4th (Thursday) investors are looking at next week with trepidation. The U.S was kicked out of the 18 countries with AAA credit ratings, after Standard and Poor’s downgraded them to AA. Next week (August 8th to the 12th) should see extreme volatility, akin to the 417 point swing we saw on Thursday for the DJIA. My prediction is for an absolute “bloodbath” on August 10th or 11th, with the DJIA dropping over 700 points.

The Atomic Bomb, 66 Years Later: August 6th and 9th, mark 66 years since the Atomic bomb named “Little Boy” (Uranium based), and “Fat man” (Plutonium based) devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The biggest nuclear threat today is for a small nuclear device, being smuggled into New York or Washington D.C. by some radical group. Actually, you could make a bomb, with the force of a “Hiroshima” type explosion from fertilizer. When I consulted for the Nevada Test Site, scientists set-off an Oklahoma Federal Building type fertilizer bomb; only they used 2.2 million pounds. Consequently, all some nut group would have to do would be fill an entire building with the stuff and light the fuse; and “Bang,” there goes a city.

1,142 Year of Global Earthquakes Analyzed: I am currently analyzing two huge databases of large earthquakes. One consists of 531 global earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.0 or greater, from 1973 to 2011. The second one contains 72 massive global earthquakes with a magnitude of 8.4 or higher, from 869 A.D. to 2011. Research summaries will be posted to the “Chaos” blog.

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