Super Typhoon Muifa Set to Wreak Havoc in Asia.

July 30, 2011 – – Super Typhoon Muifa Set to Wreak Havoc in Asia: The map above tells the tale. Super Typhoon Muifa is currently a Category IV storm with sustained winds of 133 MPH, gusting to 161. By July 31st it is expected to strengthen to a Category V, with winds of 156 MPH and gusts approaching 200 MPH. There is a mass killer in the northwest Pacific and its name is Muifa.

The map above shows the current position of the Typhoon and its estimated course through August 4th. This Super storm is approaching the major Asian cities of Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo. These mega cities have populations of between 10 and 30 million each!

Current long-range forecasts show Muifa making landfall on the Southern tip of Japan, although this Typhoon has made severe course corrections numerous times. Currently Muifa is 650 miles southeast of Shanghai, 860 miles southwest of Tokyo and 700 miles south of Soul, South Korea. Its current speed is 120 miles per day.

Typhoons, Cyclones and Hurricanes (different names for different places) are one of the most destructive storms known. Unlike Tornadoes, the area of destruction is huge. They combine the destructive winds of a Tornado with the water deluge of a major flood.

This Super Storm could deal Japan a killer upper-cut, after the knockout left-cross of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. It could demolish the rising star in the east – Shanghai. One thing is for sure, Muifa will not go quietly into the night. The world will know the wrath of this beast!

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