3D Chart of 180 Eearthquakes for 12 Years & Forecast out to 2015!

July 19, 2011 – – The Chaotic Nature of Earthquakes: The 3D chart above, plots all 180 earthquakes greater than or equal to 7.0 magnitude (M), pulled from the USGS database, for CY’2000 to July 19, 2011. The calendar years are shown across the front of the graph, from 2000 to 2011. The right edge marks the months, with January in the front and December in the back (I’ve marked Jan. and July). Each data point column represents the earthquake power for that month; calculated by adding together the total magnitude of all quakes that took place. For example, the front row (starting from the left) shows Jan.’00 with one 7.2M, and Jan. ’01 had five quakes of 7.5 + 7.1 + 7.0 + 7.7 +7.7 = 37.0 cumulative magnitudes points. However, Jan. CY’05 had zero. In fact, of the 107 data point columns on this graph 38, or a little over 35%, had zero. I was quit surprised by this finding.

So far, for CY’11, we’ve had the following data points: Jan. = 28.4, Feb. = 0, Mar. = 31.9 (Japan “Killer” quake included), Apr. = 7.1, May = 0, Jun. = 7.2 and Jul. = 14.6. So, what does all this data, and my models, say for the rest of the year?

You saw, on yesterdays post, that the earthquake “Power” is definitely increasing; with the regression line pointing up for CY’12 and CY’13. After running several models, under varying scenarios, I’ve come up with the following prediction:
1. The Rest of CY’11 (after today, July 19th): Two to three months with zero and a couple 7M’s toward the end of the year.
2. CY’12: A total of twelve 7M’s and 3 to 4 8M’s. It’s not the end of the world, I don’t care what the Mayan’s say.
3. CY’13: The lull before the storm year. One 8M’s, and 14 7m’s; more toward the last half of the year.
4. CY’14: The big “blow off year.” One 9M, 4 8M’s and 17 7M’s. Spring and Autumn will be particularly troublesome. A year to definitely remember. Considerable conflict, turmoil, rebellion, transformation, war, drought, floods; you name it and CY’14 will have it!!
5. CY’15: The “little brother” to CY’14, only much milder. 13 7M’s and either 2 to 3 8M’s or 1 8M’s and 1 9M.
6. The out years: CY’16 will be similar to CY’15 only milder. By CY’16 to CY’20, the world will be on a new plane of conscience. Major transformations have or are taking place, geographically, economically, socially, politically and militarily. This is “Survivalist Mode” if we haven’t already gotten to that point. I would, if possible, live at least a gas tank away from any major city, be off the electrical grid, and be self supporting in terms of shelter, food, medicine, et cetera. However, it is my firm belief, that 2014 will be a year that will be apocalyptic and Armageddon in nature!!! God, shine down your love and truth, joy and bliss and mercy and grace upon us.
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