The Rains of Pain – – Food, Drought, population Increases and War!

The world map, above, shows the average annual rainfall in millimeters (mm) and inches. The equator is marked horizontally on the map. Generally, the closer to the equator the more rainfall a country gets. There are several exceptions, e.g., Norway, Iceland, Japan, England, Korea (and others) that are in the path of seasonal monsoons, near the ocean or have a river or lake source of water (Egypt, with the Nile for example).

Clean fresh water has been called the “New Crude Oil” of the 21st Century. As the world population increases, beyond it’s current estimate of 6.8 billion (source World Bank), the more food we will need and the water and arable land to grow it on. In geography, arable land is an agricultural term meaning land that can be used for growing crops. Approximately 28% of the world’s landmass is arable. The amount of arable land fluctuates due to human and climatic factors; and is reduced by drought, over building and other factors. As the world population continues to grow, people will place greater and greater demands on the resources of planet Earth; including mineral and energy resources, open space, water and others.

At some point in the future, the arable land and water resources will reach a point where available food can NOT sustain any more people. As the standards of living and economic power of countries like China (pop. 1.4 Billion) and India (pop. 1.1 Billion) increase; additional burdens will be placed on arable land, water and food resources. China and India alone account for 37% of the worlds population. Here are the approximate populations of several other countries (in millions): USA = 300m, Brazil = 200m, Russia = 150m.

Here is one future scenario as I see it. The east (China, India and others) will continue to demand more food as their standards of living increase. The food supply will continue to drop as a world wide drought manifests. The end result will be military action by nations, for the dwindling food supplies. WWIII will not be about territory or ideology, but about food and water! The countries on the world map above, with good rain fall, low populations, stable governments and plentiful arable land; will be the place to be. Considering all factors, Brazil will is my choice. Portuguese anyone?
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