Another Earthquake In the Kermadec Islands Region – – Will Los Angeles be Next?

Their was another earthquake in the Kermadec Island Region today. This makes 10 earthquakes in this region in the last 48 hours. I’ve pointed out the location of yesterdays huge 7.6 magnitude earthquake, on the map above. The red dots indicate the other recent earthquakes in the region. This means that the south-west Pacific “Ring of Fire” plate is very active. Although today’s earthquake was much smaller than the massive 7.6 yesterday, it does not bode well for the Pacific Ocean Tectonic Plate (POTP) in general. Today’s 6.0 magnitude quake did little local damage and their is no danger of a tsunami. However, the POTP as a whole is very active as evidenced by the giant Japanese earthquake of March 11th and the very large quake in Chile. These earthquakes indicate strong movement in the west Pacific Ocean, south-west and south-east. When will the east and north-east portion of POTP suddenly unleash a monster quake along the western coast of the United States or Alaska? The Seattle area is primed for a Japanese style tsunami because the fault line is off-shore. The San Andreas Fault Line could tear California apart with massive causalities and property damage in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco!
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