Lunar Eclipce and Disaster

Eclipses usually portend significant events such as disasters. This eclipse forecasts several areas for such events to take place The projected dates for these predictions are, also, shown. The most opportune dates are June 16, 20, 23 & 28, 2011. Of stronger significance are August 4, 9, 12 and the 18th to the 22nd. The following places and dates, are the most likely:
1. Mumbai (Bombay, India): Droughts, terrorists attack, food shortage – – August 18 to 22, 2011.
2. The big Island of Hawaii volcano or a long run-out land slide: The main volcano on the big island is in a stage of almost continual eruption so this is nothing new. However, a long run-out land slide on the eastern side would be catastrophic. A “run-out” land slide is where the land slide extends for approximately 20 times it’s normal distance (scientists are puzzled as to why). This would create a tsunami of a 100 to 200 feet on the west coast of America. This has happened many times in the distant past on all sides of the big island, but not the East. August 4th, 9th, 12th and the 18th through the 22nd are key dates. The strongest date would be August 18, 2011. The probability of this event is less than 10%. These super events will, probably, not take place until 2012 through 2016.
3. A category 5 Super Hurricane will form of the West Coast of Africa on August 9th. If it hits the U.S, the likely targets are either South Carolina, the Middle Eastern Coast of Florida or just East of New Orleans in Southern Alabama.
4. Johannesburg, South Africa (more to the West of the city, into the country) will see a serious situation, most likely to do with heat, drought, fires, explosions, poisoning and women involved. Most likely dates are June 20 to 22, 2011.
5. Volcanic eruptions on the Solomon Island volcanoes of Tinakula, Savo or Kavachi on August 9 to 12, 2011.
Stay tuned to the “Disaster Channel” for death at your door!
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