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Peru-Bolivia Rocked by 6.0 Earthquake

The Peru-Bolivia border was rocked by a 6.0 earthquake today, in what is a continuing series of quakes of > 6.0 around the “Ring of Fire.” This portends much larger events to come as the world is inundated with disasters … Continue reading

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“Bubbles” Anyone?

Clearly, the leader in asset increases is (drum role please) the U.S. Federal Government Debt (T-Bills, T-Notes & T-Bonds). Over the last 30 years Federal Government Debt has skyrocketed an incredible 1,550%! Other asset classes have only increase along with … Continue reading

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Your U.S. Tax Dollars at “Work!”

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U.S. Federal Workers “Porking” Up

The U.S. growth in federal workers skyrocket as private sector workers shrivel. The unemployment rate, like so many government stats, are manipulated by hiring more and more gov’t workers, to makeup for decreasing private sector works. Wfoster2011 “The Master of … Continue reading

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Chaos Sweeps Away the World We Know

Between 2010 and 2020, Chaos will sweep away the world we know through disasters, volcanoes, floods, earthquakes, fires, airplane and ship wrecks, tornadoes, mine cave-ins, hurricanes, pestilence, blizzards, tidal waves, explosions nuclear accidents, pollution drought, famine, extreme heat and cold … Continue reading

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